VPI - Prime Signature Turntable (Rosewood, JMW 10 3D UniPivot, Ref Wire) **OPEN BOX**

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VPI - Prime Signature Turntable (Rosewood, JMW 10 3D UniPivot, Ref Wire) **OPEN BOX**

VPI - Prime Signature Turntable (Rosewood, JMW 10 3D UniPivot, Ref Wire) **OPEN BOX**

Now $5,949.00
Was $6,999.00
Save $1050.00 (15%)
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Incredibly Dynamic Sound and Hyper-Accurate Vinyl LP Playback: VPI Prime Signature Turntable Includes Choice of Tonearm, 300RPM Motor, Deluxe Chassis, and VTA Base

VPI simultaneously returns to its high-end, high-performance roots and embraces cutting-edge technology with its striking Prime Signature turntable. Designed by Mat Weisfeld and overseen by VPI founder Harry Weisfeld, the Hi-Fi+ Product of the Year Award-winning Prime Signature sports modern, curvaceous looks that wouldn't be out of place on an elite supercar. Most importantly, this state-of-the-art analog instrument delivers gorgeously transparent, grandly dynamic sound that reaps all the unique advantages offered by vinyl LPs – and then some.

We're talking about intricate, physical details that place the instruments in the room. Warm, rich, luscious tonalities and vast openness that encourage you to spin record after record. Rhapsodic, front-to-back soundstaging that allows the musicians to appear feet away from your listening position. Dead-quiet black backgrounds, reference-grade imaging, and unshakable speed stability that nails the pacing, timing, and balance with spot-on precision. Fine-tunable, calibrated, "on-the-fly" VTA adjustments while your LP is playing to give you maximum information retrieval and convenience. The U.S.A.-made Prime Signature is an engineering revelation – and a conduit to gripping emotional satisfaction. In this age of experiences, Prime Signature will reward you with countless unforgettable musical adventures.

Available with either a 3D-printed JMW 10-inch Reference unipivot tonearm with Nordost Reference wire or a VPI Fatboy 10-inch tonearm (Red Rose only, select from the drop-down menu above), Prime Signature comes loaded with features that directly impact fidelity and performance facets. Consider: A quiet, 300RPM 24-pole AC synchronous motor installed in a separate, aluminum-and-steel assembly for stunningly high torque. A MDF chassis bonded to an aluminum plate for extraordinary damping and resonance control. Classic Signature feet for unstinting support and four stainless-steel corner posts for mechanical grounding. Prime Signature also touts an inverted bearing with a hardened stainless-steel shaft and Rockwell chrome-hardened ball subbing in a phosphor bronze bushing, all sitting on a PEEK thrust disc. Further contributing to Prime Signature's premier sonics are the 20-pound aluminum platter (+/-0.001" accuracy in a 39-inch circumference) and customized motor pulley.

You can also add VPI's standout ADS speed control and Periphery Outer Ring Clamp to Prime Signature at any time. For now, we just want you to hear everything this ‘table can do for your LP collection and your peace of mind. Backed by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee, Prime Signature is ready to make your records sing. Start the concerts today!

"Its sound quality is as good as you'll get at this price point, and it's considerably more user-friendly than some rivals. It's refreshingly easy to set up yet highly adjustable and the fitment of a tricked-up Reference version of the company's JMW-10 3D arm tops off a cracking package."
Hi-Fi News, Outstanding Product review

"The VPI Prime Signature has big shoes to fill because the Prime itself is so damn good. It fills those shoes easily, however, because it is so damn better."
—Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

"While there are many super 'tables (including VPI's own Avenger and Titan models) with five and six figure price tags, with incredible engineering and finish, I proclaim the Prime Signature as the reference value king of turntables."
—Eric Neff, TONEAudio

VTA Base for On-the-Fly Adjustments: Perfect LP Playback with the Twist of a Knob

Prime Signature comes with a VTA base, which allows on-the-fly adjustments of VTA, meaning you can adjust the VTA of your tonearm as the record is playing. Why would you want to do this? For starters, there are many different thicknesses of vinyl: 120g, 150g, 180g, 200g, 220g, and more. Each of these differential thicknesses played back on the same analog rig requires minute height adjustments in order to keep the stylus at the perfect angle in the groove. With a normal tonearm, you'd have to compromise by adjusting the arm height for perfect playback on whichever record weight you happen to play the most. But with the VTA Base adjusting between these heights, it is simply a matter of twisting the knob to get the correct height. A phenomenal amount of engineering and precision is required to create a mechanism that delivers this kind of adjustment on a unipivot tonearm while the stylus is tracing a groove. Which is one of the reasons why VPI is one of the very few companies that offers this ability. The VTA base is rock-solid, the VTA adjustment mechanism exceedingly precise, and the adjustments incredibly fine.

VPI Fatboy Tonearm

The VPI Fatboy tonearm armwand sets reference-class standards for rigidity, engineering, adjustments, and precision. Featuring a 3D-printed armature with a triangular-to-circular resonance-canceling taper as well as Nordost Reference wiring throughout, Fatboy delivers the most dramatic improvements of any available VPI upgrade. With Fatboy on your VPI ‘ table, you'll hear a lavish midrange, seemingly limitless high-frequency extension, ultra-taut bass, and concert-like dynamics. It also allows you easy fine-tunability via a micrometer-style adjustable counterweight.

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