Yamaha - GT-5000 Turntable **CONSUMER RETURN**

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Yamaha - GT-5000 Turntable **CONSUMER RETURN**

Yamaha - GT-5000 Turntable **CONSUMER RETURN**

Now $5,500.00
Was $7,999.95
Save $2499.95 (31%)
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Pure, Ravishing Musicality from Input to Output: Yamaha GT-5000 Turntable Features Awe-Inspiring Wood Cabinet, Double-Structure Platter, Short Tonearm, Remarkable Engineering

"Gigantic and Tremendous." In every way, the Yamaha GT-5000 flagship turntable lives up to its GT moniker – and the inspiration of the original, critically acclaimed GT model that debuted nearly 40 years ago. Beginning with the colossal heavy wood cabinet and continuing through painstakingly conceived aspects such as its double-structure platter and straight, short tonearm, GT-5000 embodies and achieves one goal: Pure, musical, nature, expressive, distortion-free analog playback that leaves no detail unscathed. No wonder it took a dedicated team of four core engineers – two of which were involved on the original GT-2000 – and five years to complete.

Featuring independent construction and perfectly balanced transmission in all stages, GT-5000 makes a striking appearance by way of its 21.5 x 15.6 x 4.7-inch (WDH) footprint and unmistakable platform given no less than four layers of lamination. Chosen for its damping characteristics and fast transients, the high-density particle board framework is complemented by a set of high-end feet. Co-developed by vibration-control specialists Tokkyokiki Corporation, they suppress unwanted resonance via specially tuned coil springs – leading to a rhythmic low end and supple highs that further enhance the 'table's already accurate, warm, and emotional sound.

Working in absolute harmony, GT-5000's belt-drive system boasts a 24-pole, two-phase AC synchronous motor armed with a precision-based- quartz-generated sine wave for the AC power source. Hence, rather than the torque of the motor, the mass of the platter stabilizes the rotation – eliminating any electrical feedback and contributing to the overall clarity. Equally important to the operation, the platter – a double structure in which a cut aluminum main turntable (17.8 inches in diameter, 11.5 pounds) is mounted on a cut brass inner turntable (5.6 inches in diameter, 4.4 pounds) – generates a massive rotational inertia value of 0.92 t/square centimeter for extreme stability.

Visually and sonically, you'll also immediately notice the mechanically and weight balanced tonearm, a design free of any ancillary mechanisms. And by adopting a short double structure in which a tapered carbon outer tube gets combined with a copper-plated aluminum inner tube, the arm-tube portion achieves exceptionally high rigidity, low resonance, and outstanding noise shielding. Internal wiring that employs the new-generation PC-Triple C copper conductor yields rich, dynamic, powerful sound across the entire spectrum.

Aesthetically, GT-5000 remains intentionally and elegantly simple, with only three circular buttons (power, rotation, 33/45RPM speed) on the top surface. One column, adorned with a detent-style fine pitch control knob, seemingly juts into the 13.8-inch-diameter platter and provides a finger rest that prevents your palm from touching the outer edge of the platter when lowering the needle to the LP. An interchangeable cut-aluminum headshell as well as a connectable strobe light and stroboscope also come standard.

As does our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee. We truly want you to experience this reference-quality rig for yourself-and hear the gigantic and tremendous differences the breakthrough GT-5000 makes in your home.

"The GT-5000's princely stature presents a generous soundfield and an overall natural, balanced performance. Its physical robustness reflects in the way it actually sounds – it's a big and boldly dynamic analogue playback system which does not skimp on low-end power and depth. Yes, it's Gigantic and Tremendous... but it's also resoundingly Gorgeous and Tuneful."
—Edgar Kramer, SoundStage! Australia

"Let's recall that one of Yamaha's design pillars for TrueSound was 'groove.' The GT-5000 is capable. How do I know? I grooved. Simple as that."
—Allan Moulton, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award

"As suggested, the GT-5000 is indeed 'Gigantic' and boy is it 'Tremendous.' Not only a perfectly matched source for Yamaha's 5000 series but it's a superb turntable/arm combination in its own right. A delight to behold and operate, the deck's sonic performance is as glossy as its finish, and right up there with the best...even with that straight arm that bucks conventional wisdom!"
—Adam Smith, Hi-Fi+, Outstanding Product review

Drive Method: Belt drive
Motor: AC synhronous motor
Motor Drive: Crystal sine wave
Rotation Speed: 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm
Rotation Speed Variation: ±0.1%
Rotation Speed Adjustment: Built-in crystal osc. Adjustment Step: 0.1%, Adjustment Range: ±1.5%
Wow And Flutter: Less than 0.04%
Platter: [Outer] Machined aluminium (Diameter 35 cm), [Inner] Brass (Diameter 14.3 cm),
Tonearm: Static balance straight tonearm
Effective Arm Length: 9"
Overhang: -17 mm
Acceptable Cartridge Weight: 13.5-36 g (including headshell) / (25-36 g need sub weight)
Headshell Weight: 14 g (including screws, nuts and wires)
Output Terminal: Analog audio: 2 (XLR balance x 1, RCA unbalance x 1), Strobe: 1 (3.5 mm mini jack)
Power Consumption: 15 W
Dimension (WHD): 21-1/2" x 8-3/4" x 16-1/8"
Weight: 58.4 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 1.6 MB)

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