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ULTRABIT - Diamond-Plus Disc Cleaner


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UltraBit Diamond-Plus Disc Treatment

UltraBit Diamond-Plus is an optical impedance matching treatment and cleaner for optical discs, such as CD, laserdisc, video CD, DVD movie, DVD audio, SACD, DSD, D-R, CD-RW and all other laser-read media, to enhance playback resolution and fidelity.UBD achieves enhanced playback fidelity and musicality via a one step process.

Try UltraBit Diamond-Plus
If you have a collection of digital discs; either CDs, SACDs, DVDs or any other digital discs, wouldn't it be a shame to not hear all of the potential your system is capable of delivering? Currently, you are not hearing (or seeing) the full quality of the source material on your discs, as it is not being retrieved by your digital player.

UltraBit Diamond-Plus to the Rescue
By using UBD your system will extract more information from all your laser-read media for greater fidelity. UBD will enhance the fidelity of your discs to such a degree, the sound quality you will hear will probably exceed that of many much more costly systems that don't employ the benefits of UltraBit Diamond. Every serious music loving audiophile (or videophiles) must try UBDP to maximize the fidelity of their audio and video systems.

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