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Accessories > Analog Accessories > Walker Audio - Precision Motor Controller Drive
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WALKER AUDIO - Precision Motor Controller Drive

Analog Accessories


WALKER AUDIO - Precision Motor Controller Drive

Analog Accessories

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Walker Precision Precision Motor Controller

Designed for all turntables using an AC drive motor, the Walker Precision Precision Motor Controller stabilizes the electrical power that your turntable receives and precisely controls the speed. We've had many happy customers call us back to tell us how much of an improvement the Walker Motor Controller makes for their turntables. Blacker backgrounds, tighter focus, greatly enhanced PRaT and incomparable image solidity. The front panel also provides easy switching between 33 1/3 or 45RPM. For all this and more, we consider the Motor Controller to be an essential analog accessory.

For an LP to sound as it was intended, the platter must spin at exactly the right speed; but for a turntable with an AC motor, maintaining constant speed is practically impossible. There are so many tiny fluctuations in the line voltage coming from the wall (and even from most power conditioners) which cause simultaneous changes in the output of the turntable motor. To make matters worse, the motor itself injects electrical rotational noise back into the AC power line, making the power even noisier for your other electronics. The Motor Controller solves all of this.

The Motor Controller presents the motor with an ideally-shaped, ultra-clean and stable power drive signal that is totally unaffected by fluctuations in the AC power supply. This reduces the "cogging" effect allowing the motor to run more smoothly and at exactly the right speed without drift. Use the separate fine speed adjustments on the front panel to achieve optimal rotation for each speed. As all AC drive motors are sensitive to absolute phase, Walker Audio thoughtfully provides a phase switch on the side of the unit to select the optimum phase for your system, try each setting and select the one that sounds best.

The Motor Controller also prevents electrical noise from the AC drive motor from contaminating the AC power supply for your other components. With the Motor Controller in your analog system, you will immediately notice a larger, more stable, more transparent sound stage, with bigger dynamics, better harmonics, and a large reduction in grain and glare.

The Motor Controller is available two ways, with and without Walker Audio's Valid Points. On its own, the Motor Controller  is spectacular; adding the Valid Points Isolation Kit takes the entire rig to another level. Airborne noise, vibration and distortion vanish and the turntable throws an incredibly deep, wide and rich soundstage. Motor Controller is shown above with the optional Valid Points Isolation Kit.

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