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WALKER AUDIO - Talisman Demagnetizer


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Walker Audio Talisman Disc Demagnetizer

A Talisman is a small object intended to bring good luck and protection to its owner. Well… we’re not prepared to say whether or not the new Walker Talisman Demagnetizer will protect you or bring you good luck. What we are prepared to tell you is this small magnetic bar absolutely will dissipate magnetic fields and static electricity from CDs, SACDs, DVDs and even vinyl.

"The Talisman is well worth your consideration. There is a demonstrable difference when you first cue up the demagnetized disc. It'll only set you back the price of 10 CDs. And it'll never wear out or break."
– Srajan Ebaen, 6Moons.com

The Walker Talisman lowers distortion, improves depth and dynamics, and improves the look of video discs. The best part, the Talisman requires no batteries or power cords and never needs recharging.

"Smoother and more natural, with more depth and airiness to the soundstage, plus a bit more bass definition. The kind of improvement that some people spend $1000 or more to obtain. It’s like an upgraded cable or preamp which nudges your system to the next level. It also works on DVDs. DVDs looked cleaner and more vivid, with noticeable improved overall picture clarity and definition, as well as sound."
– Ed Momkus, Dagogo

Warning: Contains very powerful magnets. Keep it away from anything that can be affected by magnets such as phono cartridges, sensitive electronics, and audio/video tapes.

"The results are crystal clear and as smashing as a sucker punch. The noise floor on my LPs is dropped quite noticeably in my experience, taking away a chunk of the groove noise on even my best LPs."
– David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback

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