Mobile Fidelity has been the undisputed leader in audiophile recordings since its development of Original Master Recording vinyl reissues in 1977. At Mobile Fidelity's California mastering studio, all Original Master Recordings are cut using only the original master tapes as source material. The company's faithfully reproduced albums bring you – the listener – closer to the absolute truth and emotion of the original performances of the finest records made by the likes of Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, The Band, Nirvana, and many other iconic artists.

Drawing on four decades of engineering and studio experience, Mobile Fidelity has applied such expertise, talent, and passion to audio components. Every Mobile Fidelity product is made to meet the strict standards long synonymous with Mobile Fidelity's music reissues. To fulfill all its specific needs and demands, Mobile Fidelity established a dedicated facility in Michigan to build the majority of its products – including its award-winning turntables and phone preamplifiers – in the U.S.A. While an uncommon and expensive endeavor in today's industry, in-house manufacturing is the only way to maintain total quality control and create products that live up to the exacting standards Mobile Fidelity established during its first four decades.

We invite you to hear why Mobile Fidelity's analog components have garnered acclaim from around the globe. Discover more on the individual product pages or simply call a Music Direct audio consultant at 800-449-8333 for more information.