A prototypical old-school American manufacturing company in every regard, VPI Industries is internationally recognized for designing class-leading turntables and analog devices renowned for their simplicity, caliber, and affordability. Founded by Sheila and Harry Weisfeld in the late 1970s, the family-operated firm is currently experiencing another creative resurgence spearheaded by exciting new products and the emergence of the Weisfelds’ youngest son, Matthew, as a leading light in the high-end industry. As always, each VPI component is proudly made in the U.S.A.

What makes VPI so special? For starters, a commitment to excellence, all-American parts and labor, a continual push towards analog perfection, and the groundbreaking developments such as 3D-printed tonearms. The old adage “you get what you pay for” becomes immediately evident the moment you see a VPI ‘table in the flesh. Each model is built to premium specifications and boasts a solidity you can both touch and feel. Then, most importantly, there’s the sound. While the performance naturally improves as you move up the price ladder, every VPI model subscribes to the same high-end principles and goals of making your vinyl LPs come to life in ways that stoke your enthusiasm for music and get you closer to your favorite artists. VPI ‘tables are also compatible with the company’s array of accessories and enhancements, meaning you can upgrade your experience as time and budget allow.

Discover more specific information about VPI’s current award-winning turntables on their individual product pages on our website, or feel free to call Music Direct to learn more about these phenomenal musical instruments.