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AUDIOENGINE - DS2 Desktop Speaker Stands (pr)


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Audioengine DS2 Desktop Speaker Stands

We love the sound of the AudioEngine Desktop Speakers, they sound amazing, they're compact, they throw a great image and they kick like a mule! However, we noticed that they sound best when the tweeter's at ear level, so what do you do if they're sitting on your desk? Enter the AudioEngine DS2 desktop stands.

Designed for AudioEngine's larger desktop models such as the A5+ and P4, the DS2 tilts the speaker back to an optimal 15˚angle, opening up the speaker so they reveal a larger, deeper soundstage and preventing your desk from becoming a resonating board. The DS2 also damps the speaker's cabinet, dramatically reducing midrange and bass resonance, which effects a huge improvement in tonal balance, opening up the treble and giving the midrange more breath. This is a tremendous upgrade for your AudioEngine desktops, especially if you do a lot of nearfield listening.

Molded from high-performance silicone rubber, the DS2 is lightweight and non-slip. Although designed for AudioEngine's own speakers, this high-quality stand greatly improves the performance of any other small loudspeaker. The DS2 has a fairly small footprint, measuring only 3.75" wide and 6.25" deep. With a pair of DS2s weighing in at only 0.5Lbs, take them with your laptop mini system, wherever you go!

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