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SOLIDSTEEL - Hyper Spike Jr Amp Stand


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Three-Pillar Solidsteel HyperSpike Jr. Amplifier Stand Provides Incredible Performance for a High-Value Price: Features Most of Reference-Setting HyperSpike HF and HS Characteristics, Materials

Offering nearly all the unstinting support and isolation provided by HyperSpike HF and HS Series, the three-pillar Solidsteel HyperSpike Jr. amplifier stand serves as an overachieving platform that any power amplifier would be happy to call home. Featuring an MDF light shelf and solid-steel hardware, spikes, and discs, the HJ-A & HJ-B audio tables blend perfectly into any HyperSpike Jr. Series support system. More importantly, they raise your amplifier off of the ground, free it from sound-degrading hazards and debris, and eliminate obtrusive resonance. If you want astounding performance at a very reasonable price, look no further than HyperSpike Jr. amplifier stands. Simply choose the model that best suits your needs from our drop-down menu.

HJ-A has a generous 23.6"-deep shelf with three solid-steel legs and a 1"-thick shelf suited for extra-large size power-amps. Its load-bearing capability has no upper limits.

HJ-B is made for more conventional-sized amplifiers, offering just under 19" of depth. Identical in construction to HJ-A, it just might be the highest-value amplifier stand on the market.

Near-Reference-Setting Performance at a Fraction of the Reference Price
HyperSpike Jr. Series incorporates the main mechanical characteristics and materials of the no-compromise, reference-level HyperSpike HF and HS ranges a fraction of the cost. This amp stand's pillars are made of solid, polished steel and shelves of 30mm-thick MDF. By simplifying the shelf with parallel sides, HyperSpike Jr. Series is easier and less costly to manufacture, giving you a premium component for less.

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HJ-A HWD: 5.1x16x23.60"
HJ-B HWD: 5.1x16x18.90"

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