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Target Audio Products Target - HS-Series Speaker Stands (Pr)


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Target HS-Series Speaker Stands

Target HS-Series Speaker Stands Create a Firm, Solid Base for Your Speakers - Designed and Manufactured in Canada

The Target HS Series speaker stands offer greater mass for additional stability for larger speakers. Square riser features a 3 x 3 inch cross section capable of containing more mass loading material than FS. Shipped in pairs. Includes spikes and pads.

The HS-Series is available in three different heights to accommodate most speakers (20", 24", & 28"), selectable from the drop-down menu above. The steel top-plate offers a generous 6x8" platform to fit most bookshelves, while the steel bottom plate offers a wide footprint (9x11") for maximum stability. All HS-Series speaker stands have threaded top-plates which allow the included M6 spikes to be threaded in for superior isolation. Rubber pads are also included, for those not wishing to use those spikes. HS-Series also ships with a set of M8 threaded carpet-piercing spikes for the base as well as a set of rubber feet for those with delicate flooring.

The HS-Series ships as a pair, flat-packed in a single box and requires assembly. These stands are very straightforward to build and should require no more than a few minutes of build time each. We highly recommend filling the columns with kiln-dried (or very dry) sand or some other non-toxic material, as this greatly improves imaging, bass solidity and midrange resolution. Mass loading also increases the weight of the stands, so care should be taken when moving them so as not to scratch floors.

Why Speaker Stands are Important
We all know speaker stands are a requirement for decent bookshelf speakers, but way too many people believe that raising the speaker to the proper height is a speaker stand's sole function. In reality, a speaker stand should provide a very rigid platform to combat the constant motion of a speaker playing music. As the woofers move back and forth, they're pushing the cabinet in the opposite direction. If the speaker stand doesn't have enough mass or rigidity to combat that force, the entire structure (speakers and stand) will move and that's where a whole host of things starts going wrong, phase issues, coherency issues, resonance issues. Then, remember, there's two speakers in this equation compounding the problem; each moves unpredictably while trying to reproduce different parts of the recording. By isolating the speakers from the floor, raising them to the proper height and giving them an extremely solid platform from which to launch their waveforms, the right speaker stand will truly make a system shine.

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