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Unleash the Performance of Your Gear! 

HiFi Tuning to the rescue! This German company has spent an unbelievable amount of time and money to ensure that you can get everything your system is capable of delivering. HiFi Tuning SilverStar Fuses are made from ceramic bodies which are tuned for resonance control. Inside the fuses you’ll find pure silver wiring which is precisely calibrated for its rated capacity. This silver filament is then connected to pure silver end caps which are uncoated for maximum signal transfer.  Unlike the slight warmth the standard gold-plating imparts, SilverStar Fuses are more neutral, faster and more dynamic.

“I recently replaced the cheap fuses in my preamplifier with new fuses from HiFi Tuning, and damn if they didn’t produce a noticeable improvement in smoothness and coherence. For [this price], they’re worth trying!”
-- Michael Fremer, Stereophile, "Recommend Components"

Your incoming A/C signal is only as good as the weakest link. You’ve made a considerable investment in all of your components, cables and power cords, and all of the incoming power goes though a 25 cent fuse. These cheap, glass-body fuses are the last 'weak link' in your signal path. We know what you are thinking… that doesn’t make much sense.

SilverStar fuses make a noticeable improvement to any components’ performance. Power amps in particular benefit from the enhanced power delivery these fuses provide, but any component in your system will benefit from upgrading to SilverStar Fuses. There many different values and sizes available. If you do not see the correct value of the fuse you need, give us a call and we’ll try to get it for you.

Check inside your components to find the value of the fuses*. Then call us and we’ll send you new replacement fuses. What will you hear? When you upgrade your internal fuses to HiFi Tuning’s SilverStar Fuses, you will be blown away by the difference! Your system will play with increased power, dynamics, clarity, and coherence. The difference will also be just as noticeable by upgrading the fuses in your CD/SACD Player, Preamp and other front-end equipment.

*Note: Many commercially available generic fuses have 10% or more tolerance built in, allowing them to be used a bit above their set values.  This means that a 6Amp generic fuse, may actually allow up to 6.6A to flow through before popping.  Equipment designers realize this and simply use a fuse with a value just close enough to what they require. 

HiFi Tuning Fuses are Zero Tolerance, a 6Amp HiFi Tuning Fuse will pop at any amperage above 6Amp. Therefore, some HiFi Tuning Fuses will pop instantantaneously upon insertion.  To avoid this unnecessary expense, we suggest selecting a fuse just slightly higher than the rated value.  If your component requires a 6Amp fuse, a 6.3Amp fuse can be used without worry and the protection of the fuse will be identical.  However, if a 1Amp fuse is specified, don't select a 4Amp fuse as this will eliminate any protection having a fuse offers.

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