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AUDIO TECHNICA - AT-HA5050H Hybrid Headphone Amplifier **OPEN BOX**

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There's Nothing Like the Sound of Tubes in a Reference Headphone Amplifier: Audio-Technica AT-HA505H Offers Tonal Warmth, Exceptional Drive, DSD DAC, and Ultra-Cool VU Meters

Tubes: They make everything sound more natural. The reference Audio-Technica AT-HA505H headphone amplifier is no exception. A tube preamplifier section with a Class A output stage delivers an ideal balance of warmth and drive. Lundahl transformers, Nichicon electrolytic capacitors, and WIMA polyester capacitors provide supreme sound quality. Analog inputs and a state-of-the-art DAC, optimized for 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD128, come standard. The 0.25-inch headphone jacks feature four output impedances for extreme purity. And the VU meters are just far-out cool. Audition an AT-HA505H in your home, hear what this first-rate unit can do for your music, and enjoy it all with the security of our 100% Music Direct Guarantee.

Four Different Output Impedances Complement Tube Sound
AT-HA505H lets you choose from four different output impedances (two outputs each of 0.1, 33, 82, and 120 ohms) to experience a sound that best suits your headphones. Having tubes in the preamp stages adds warmth and depth to the music, while the bipolar transistors in the power amp stage provide distortion-free Class A amplification powerful enough to drive headphones of varying impedances without problem. Each part of the amplifier is fed by individual power supply units with fast recovery diodes and regulating circuitry.

Phenomenal Connectivity and Luxurious Features
Two analog inputs (L/R RCA line jacks and L/R balanced XLR jacks) and two digital inputs (S/PDIF digital coaxial input and USB input with selectable Asynchronous and Adaptive modes) are included. Additional features include classic analog VU meters with VU range selector switch, a large volume control knob, and an input attenuator switch.

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