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Headphone Amp



Headphone Amp

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HRT HeadStreamer is the Ultimate Traveler's Headphone Amplifier

Compact, Powerful, 24/96 Capable, and Designed to Drive Headphones

If you've been plugging your headphones directly into your computer, you're missing out on some potentially amazing sound. HRT's HeadStreamer combines a powerful USB Digital-to-Analog converter and an incredible sounding and very efficient headphone amplifier into a single tiny chassis to bring new life to your headphones. The USB DAC is vastly more resolving than the headphone jack on your computer, so you'll hear things in your music you've never heard before. The headphone amp is vastly more powerful (and better built) than the puny little built-in amp in your computer, so your headphones will finally get the power they (and you) so rightly deserve, giving your music a full, rich sound that will knock your socks off. The HeadStreamer is an extremely clever device, properly engineered, very well thought out and shockingly affordable. Try one, we think you'll be as impressed as we are.

"...the HeadStreamer is something of a sonic superstar. Compared with the output of our Apple MacBook, the HRT delivers a sound of significantly more insight and purity...the HeadStreamer finds extra doses of space, refinement and detail...The ability to convey rhythms improves, too. When you put it all together, the HeadStreamer makes an awful lot  of sense. If you add a decent pair of headphones...you have a terrific sound system for a very sensible amount of money."
– What Hifi?, 5-Star Review

HRT MusicStreamers made it easy for audiophiles to get great sound out of their computers and into their home audio systems, now HRT's focused their genius on getting that same great sound for headphones. The HeadStreamer is a USB-powered asynchronous 24/96 USB DAC and headphone amp all in one package, making it the ultimate portable accessory for anyone who wants to take great sounding music with them. Measuring a scant 3" long and only 1" high, the HeadStreamer is small enough to stuff in your pocket, yet powerful enough to make virtually any headphone sound great. Although the HeadStreamer is designed primarily as a portable solution, it works fantastically well on full-sized computers as well, it's small size making it inconspicuous on even the most cluttered desktop.

Designed from the ground up to provide outstanding sound, the HeadStreamer is 24/96 capable over USB and features the same great sound which have made HRT's USB DACs best sellers. The HeadStreamer also incorporates a powerful 130mW USB powered headphone amp delivering gobs of power to headphones making them sound bigger and richer than the built-in headphone jack in any computer. The digitally-controlled, fully analog volume control makes listening so much easier, 1dB volume steps offer much better control over the actual output than the much coarser volume controls used on most computers, making it easier to find the exactly right volume setting.

Another cool feature: there's no volume control on the outside of the HeadStreamer, because the volume is actually set on the computer it's connected to, thus eliminating the confusion of multiple volume settings. Simply adjust the sound level on your computer and the HeadStreamer takes care of the rest. This is fantastic for those who fly, ride the train, or work in cramped quarters, since all the cables plug into only one side of the HeadStreamer. Once the HeadStreamer is connected to computer and headphones, it can simply be tucked back in a pocket or a bag for the ultimate in convenience.

Compatible with both Mac and PC, the HeadStreamer drives most headphones with an impedance of 100Ohms or lower and will even drive higher impedance headphones, with just a bit lower output. The 1/8" headphone jack is on the front, near where the USB Mini cable plugs in and since there are no knobs or buttons on the unit itself, even if the unit gets jostled or bumped, your music keep playing, uninterrupted. The HeadStreamer is a must-have for anyone who listens to headphones with their computer.

Full Scale Output: 1.40 Volts RMS
Output Impedance: <1 Ohm
Output Power: up to 130 mW
Frequency Response (20 Hz / 20 kHz): +0db / -.4dB
Noise Floor (DC to 30 kHz): 18 uV RMS
S/N Ratio (DC to 30 kHz): 100 dB
S/N Ratio (A-weighted): 103 dB
THD+N (1 kHz Full Scale): .008%
THD+N (1kHz -20 dB): .0006%
Jitter contribution (DC to 30 kHz): 130 dB below full scale
Attenuator range: 50, 1 dB steps

Sample Rate: up to 96 kHz
Bit Depth: up to 24 bit
USB transfer protocol: asynchronous
Power Requirements (USB Bus): 200 mA
Dimensions: 2.9” x 2.4” x 1.0”

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