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iFi - iKit Integrated Digital Audio System (DAC/Headphone Amp/Tube Buffer/Power Solution)


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Everything You Need for Audiophile-Quality Computer-Audio Experiences: iFi iKit Integrated Digital Audio System Includes DSD DAC, Headphone Amp, Power Conditioner, Cables, and Rack

Drastically improve your computer-audio experience, get everything you need to complete an audiophile-vetted digital system, and save $150 by upgrading to the iFi iKit Integrated Digital Audio System. This stunning seven-product bundle includes a DSD DAC, dedicated headphone amplifier, power conditioner, tube buffer, two power cables, and a modular support system to house your new components. You'll enjoy instant access to true native playback of files up to Quad DSD256 and PCM 384kHz from micro iDAC2, hear analog-like warmth courtesy of the micro iTube2 buffer stage, drive your ‘phones to great performance lengths via the micro iCAN SE headphone amplifier, solve noise and data-transmission issues with the micro iUSB3.0 power supply, hook everything up with the cutting-edge Gemini3.0 and Mercury3.0 cables, and put everything in the handy iRack. Please read much more about each of these amazing products below and know your satisfaction is backed by our 100% Music Direct Guarantee. Don't pass up this convenient, stellar-sounding package!

iFi micro iDAC2 DSD DAC/Headphone Amplifier
A significant upgrade of the acclaimed original Micro iDAC, the astounding micro iDAC2 operates as a pure Class A design and offers True Native playback of files up to Quad DSD256 and PCM 384kHz. But the USB bus-powered iDAC2 not only handles the very latest audio formats in their pure form. Anchored by a completely new Burr-Brown chipset, this compact bellwether design includes a built-in 350mW headphone amplifier that effortlessly drives virtually any medium-sensitivity ‘phones. You get both RCA and 3.5mm headphone inputs. Want more flexibility? An S/PDIF output allows iDAC2 to receive a USB signal, convert it, and output it to music streamers and A/V amplifiers. All it takes is a simple connection. Such versatility is welcome, but the most impressive aspect of iDAC2 remains its sonic performance. Fed through iDAC2, music sounds involving, inviting, dynamic, and alive. Factor in three filter settings, a digital output, and high-grade parts – including a power supply outfitted with iFi's signature Super Regular noise filter and Vishay resistors – and it's a miracle this .43-pound wonder costs so little.

iFi micro iTube2 Buffer Stage
Greatly expanding and improving upon the acclaimed original, iTube2 functions as an all-in-one tubed output stage, tube preamplifier, and impedance-matching device that can be used with and drastically enhance any stereo system. Designed with trickle-down technology derived from iFi's reference Pro Series products, micro iTube2 allows you to essentially tube your entire audio chain and experience the renowned warmth, tones, naturalism, and midrange magic associated with tube gear. Whether you love vinyl LPs or digital, tubes or solid state, headphones or speakers, iTube2 works wonders across all platforms. It instantly elevates the transparency and resolution from any source. And this device is built to keep going and going and going, with circuit regulation and an NOS GE 5760 tube specified to last a time-defying 100,000 hours.  iTube2 takes into account all listeners' desire for individual customization. You can choose from three settings to best suit your system and listening preferences. With the simple flick of a switch, iTube2 offers single-ended triode power amp, push-pull tube power amp, and classic tube amp sonic signatures, so you'll always get the sound you want. Better still, these choices reward experimentation and the use of multiple iTube2s in your rig. Insert iTube2 between your preamp and amp, behind your DAC or streamer, or with your phono preamplifier. Change the settings and hear what works for your needs. This is high-end audio as it should be. You'll enjoy more richness, detail, clarity, and dimensionality. And you'll have more fun. Speaking of fun, iFi designed iTube2 to ideally match your existing gear. Unless you run an active (DEQX) or balanced system, the impedance-matching iTube2 epitomizes synergy. Of course, you can always adjust the output gain if you like. iFi's refined XBass+ matrix further increases iTube2's value and versatility. By letting your speakers reach down to 20Hz, the technology affords adjustable, degradation-free levels of bass control to enhance listening via speakers with limited low-end extension. iFi also boosted the performance of its 3D Holographic+ technology, which corrects fundamental spatial distortion issues in recordings and increases soundstage width. 

iFi micro iCAN SE Headphone Amplifier
Exclusive Class A TubeState circuitry and a whopping 4,000mW of Class A power comprise the brains behind the sonic brawn of the iFi micro iCAN SE, a souped-up and highly improved version of the acclaimed iCAN model. Able to effortlessly drive any headphone on earth via customized Turbo headamp circuitry, iCAN SE also touts revised XBass technology, refined 3D HolographicSound, and DirectDrive topology that yields incredible transparency courtesy of its nearly unmeasurable output impedance. Boutique resistors and capacitors, and the iPOWER power supply/adapter – with a miraculously low noise floor of just 1uV – further help contribute to performance distinguished by remarkable clarity, stunning dynamics, in-the-room soundstages, wide-open spaciousness, and natural musicality. Able to ferret out the noise and distortion that inhibit he enjoyment of headphone playback, iCAN SE claims both power and panache. Three user-adjustable gain-adjustment settings and iFi's now-hallmark clean design complete a component more than deserving of its Special Edition badge.

iFi Micro iUSB3.0 Power Supply 
The astonishing iUSB3.0 is more than a blue-ocean design and an crucial computer-audio device that banishes jitter, solves USB deficiencies, and provides the best-possible sound from your system. An exponential improvement over its critically acclaimed predecessor, the iFi iUSB, iUSB3.0 arrives stocked with advanced technology that guarantees it is cutting-edge today – and will be years into the future. A military-grade Active Noise Cancellation+ circuit negates all incoming power-supply noise and ensures clean delivery. A three-step REclock, REbalance, and REgenerate process creates an all-new signal, banishes computer jitter, and restores signal integrity before re-correcting the USB signal balance and ultimately, allowing music to flow naturally, cleanly, and whole. A PowerStation+ powerline includes a three-stage sub-sonic noise filter that boasts an infinitesimal noise floor of 0.1uV – an nearly immeasurable mark not only better than battery quiet, but which drops measured noise by 100 times in comparison to typical filters. Moreover, micro iUSB3.0 is already ahead of what audio can even do right now. It effortlessly handles USB2.0 and USB3.0 and, with an ultra-speed bandwidth of 5.0Gbps, will accommodate ultra-high-resolution audio with similar aplomb as quality improves in the future. Outfitted with two sets of Dual-Ports, iUSB3.0 functions as a powered audiophile-caliber hub that serves two dedicated devices – such as a DAC and a hard-disk drive (HDD) – to provide whisper-quiet, source-contamination-free performance from your entire computer-audio system. iUSB3.0's Bus Charge 1.2 compliancy means it can even charge phones, tables, and iFi's micro iDSD DAC. In all, iUSB3.0 addresses and cures eight vital USB audio faults, yielding smooth, engaging, and dynamic sound that brings out often-hidden backgrounds and inner resolution aspects that make digital seem like analog. If you have a computer-audio system, iUSB3.0 is essential. 

iFi Gemini3.0 USB Cable
Enjoy the silence and make interference a thing of the past. Gemini3.0 carries audio and power in two separate cables for the ultimate in shielding while adding USB3.0 5.0Gbps bandwidth speed for hyper-fast, incredibly smooth transmission. Featuring heavy OFHC continuous copper silver-matrix conductors and minimum-inductance parallel-type quadruple-shield construction, Gemini3.0 is protected from both RFI and EMI noise to transmit data with unfettered clarity. The heavy-gauge Gemini3.0 even gives the signal and ground their own respective geometry for optimal conductivity. iFi's FINAL USB connectors have gold-plated connections and are machined from solid, aircraft-grade aluminum for exceptional end-to-end performance. Three custom-made metal-oxide ceramic RF noise silencers address RF issues over an extremely broad range. An adjustable middle silencer can be moved along the entire cable length, de-tuning the antenna formed by the cable. No other dual-headed USB cable comes close.

iFi Mercury3.0 USB Cable
Mercury3.0 addresses the need for speed. Designed for single-port applications, Mercury3.0 takes USB cables to a new level. Featuring quadruple shielding that fully separates and protects the USB signal from the USB power signal, Mercury3.0 offers hyper-speed interference-free signal transfer demarcated by clarity, smoothness, fastness, and silence. Mercury3.0 transmits your delicate USB data at USB 3.0 5.0Gbps and with incredibly low jitter. Its smart, high-quality build protects the cable from both RFI and EMI noise to provide the cleanest-possible sound – and without the compromises of cables without adequate shielding. iFi's FINAL USB connectors have gold-plated connections and are machined from solid, aircraft-grade aluminum for exceptional end-to-end performance. Three custom-made metal-oxide ceramic RF noise silencers address RF issues over an extremely broad range. An adjustable middle silencer can be moved along the entire cable length, de-tuning the antenna formed by the cable. Once you hear the difference Mercury3.0 makes in your system, you'll never go back. Say sayonara to interference and hear your music as it should be experienced with Mercury3.0.

iFi iRack Premium Modular Support System
iRack is a gorgeous four-shelf stainless-steel design that elevates the performance of IFi's micro range. Exclusively tailored for iFi products, iRack features damped organic glass shelves and specially designed slots that minimize resonance, lessen microphonics, and guarantee the perfect fit for every micro unit. Created in tandem with Track Audio, adjustable precision-machined spikes and cups provide superior isolation and stability. iRack's stainless-steel construction and rubber O-rings supply additional damping and ensure the columns and components never come into contact with each other. Aesthetically and functionally, iRACK is the place your iFi components should reside. Get every ounce of performance from your iFi gear with iRack.

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