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iFi - xDSD DAC/Headphone Amplifier

Headphone Amp

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MQA, 11.2MHz DSD, and 32-Bit/368kHz PCM – and Wired or Wireless Ability – On the Go, in the Car, or at Home: Portable 0.28-Pound iFi XDSD DAC/Headphone Amplifier Features Analog Circuitry

Wireless or wired, DSD, PCM, or MQA, Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) or aptX Bluetooth, at home, in the car, or the on the go: The iFi xDSD DAC/headphone amplifier leaves the choices up to you all the while taking portable high-end audio to a new level. Housed in a sleek dark titanium vacuum ion-plated-metal enclosure, the ultra-compact and lightweight xDSD serves as a multi-function high-resolution device you can take anywhere. xDSD's jack-of-all-trades flexibility extends to its ability to also deliver high-res audio to your amplifier or active speakers.

Few, if any, other mobile high-end products expand listening possibilities like xDSD, winner of the 2018-2019 EISA Award in the Best Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier category as well as an Editors' Choice Award from The Absolute Sound. Wirelessly stream CD-quality music to your headphones from your digital library or streaming service on your Apple and Android phone or laptop; enjoy up to 32-bit/368kHz PCM and 11.289MHz DSD as well as MQA via its USB output; prolong the lifespan of an older digital player or disc player by connecting it to xDSD with the supplied S/PDIF input and hear 24-bit/192kHz. Equipped with iFi's Cyberdrive amplifier design – a fully analog system under digital control – for extremely low noise operation, xDSD utilizes an S-Balanced amplification stage and dual-mono analog signal-processing circuitry to drive practically any in-ear monitor and headphone with ease via 500mW of power per channel. And because the analog volume control retains full resolution at all levels, xDSD drastically boosts the reach and quality of all smartphones, digital players, and computers.

Inside, a large 2200mAh lithium-power battery gives you between six and eight hours of playing time no matter where you roam. A multi-bit Burr-Brown DSD1793 chipset, femto precision GMT clock, and intelligent memory buffer system to eliminate jitter ensure xDSD possess the technology necessary to provide extraordinary detail, realism, and dynamics for every song you experience. iFi's proven 3D Matrix and XBass+ systems further bring the studio to your ears when listening through ‘phones by enhancing the sonic expansiveness, bass, and placement. xDSD even comes with Line Out mode, which bypasses the volume control, 3D Matrix, and XBass+ to prevent double-amping when it's being used in conjunction with a home or car system.

We cannot think of any music lover – no matter how or where they connect with their favorite tunes – that would not benefit from xDSD. Which is just one reason we back this petite, 0.28-pound device with our 100% Music Direct Guarantee. Arrange your risk-free in-home (or in-car) audition today!

“This battery/USB-powered DAC/headphone amplifier turns your smartphone, laptop, or portable player into a great-sounding music center.”
Stereophile, and 2018-19 EISA Award Winner, Best Portable Headphone Amplifier

“Both types of audiophile will be pleased and impressed by the xDSD’s flexibility, utility, performance level, and overall value. I know I was.”

—Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound, Editors' Choice Award

Ready for MQA Right Out of the Box, Offers Alternative High-Res Firmware 
Ready for MQA out of the box, xDSD also supports full high-res audio with 11.289MHz DSD and 32-bit/384kHz PCM. Simply connect to TIDAL (on a computer) and check the options to stream MQA. iFi also offers alternative firmware optimized for ultra-high resolution audio and that unlocks 22.57MHz DSD and 32-bit/768kHz PCM. It can be easily downloaded from iFi’s website and applied to xDSD. (Please note: MQA is not supported with the alternative firmware.)

S-Balanced Technology for Balanced and Unbalanced ‘Phones: Plug in and Enjoy
Most premium headphones include an option for balanced wiring. Balanced wiring is better because it eliminates distortion and crosstalk introduced by the classic unbalanced three-contact connection that shares the ground return wire and jack connection between channels. iFi’s exclusive S-Balanced technology delivers the maximum performance from single-ended and balanced headphones. Compared to standard balanced circuitry, noise and distortion are lowered by up to 9dB. Even with non-balanced headphones, crosstalk and related distortion get reduced by 50 percent. Compatibility for both balanced/unbalanced headphones is straightforward and user-friendly. Just plug in and enjoy the music.

Multi-Bit Burr-Brown DAC Chipset and Precision GMT Clock 

Headphone listening is often tiring and causes listener fatigue. Not with xDSD. The pluck of a guitar can be discerned. A Steinway piano sounds woody instead of glassy like an electronic keyboard. To deliver a truly musical performance, every technical aspect must be present and correct. From the Burr-Brown multi-bit DSD1793 DAC Chipset to deliver a realistic, musical sound to the femto precision GMT Clock and intelligent memory buffer system derived from AMR Audio’s flagship DAC products to eliminate jitter, xDSD is packed with the technology it takes to perform like a champ.

An Analog System Under Digital Control: Cyberdrive Amplifier Design

Got difficult to drive over-ear headphones? xDSD can drive them to eardrum-splitting levels if you so choose. Have super-sensitive in-ear-monitors that reveal noise from all sources? With xDSD, silence reigns supreme.iFi’s Cyberdrive headphone-amplifier stage places all parameters of the fully analog system under digital control for a best-of-both-worlds scenario.  Cyberdrive incorporates iFi’s exclusive OV4627 ultra-low-noise FET input op-amp and the W990VST digitally controlled stepped attenuator to deliver incredible sonics. No matter the type of ‘phones you use, just set the volume control as desired and let Cyberdrive do the rest. There’s no need to switch or press anything.

Cyberdrive Battery System
xDSD uses a separate power input (micro USB) for unlimited compatibility with smartphones and no extra power draw from the smartphone’s battery. And its 3.8V/2,200mAh lithium-polymer battery offers 12% greater actual capacity in the same size package. Depending on the headphones and connection used, playback times of up to 10 hours for S/PDIF, eight hours for Bluetooth, and six hours for USB are attainable.

Pure Line Out Mode for at Home and Car-Based Listening
Whether at home or in the car, the Line Out mode bypasses the volume control, 3D+ Matrix, and X-Bass+. The output stage is thus specifically configured  for the best line operation to avoid double-amping.

3D+ Matrix and XBass+ Deliver Studio Sound to Your Headphones
iFi’s 3D+ Matrix and XBass+ systems help deliver the true musical performance as heard in the studio to your headphones. Most recordings are made for speakers (not headphones), producing in-head localization—the unnatural and annoying feeling of music playing inside your head. The analog-signal-based 3D+ circuit restores the correct sense of placement, putting the artist in the room and outside your head. Meanwhile, XBass+ restores deep, clean, and tight bass and puts the meat back into the music without muddying up the midrange.

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Input Options:
   USB Audio Class 2 (up to 768kHz/32Bit & DSD512)
   SPDIF Coax and optical (up to 192kHz/24Bit)
   Bluetooth (up to 48kHz/16Bit)
Clock: Ultra-low jitter GMT computer controlled Clock
RMS jitter: 12kHz – 1MHz < 280 Femtoseconds
Battery: 1750mAH/3.8V with Fast Charge support
Playback time:
   SPDIF > 10 Hours
   BT: > 8 Hours
   USB: > 6 Hours
Charging time:
   500mA Standard USB: <= 4.5 Hours
   > 1A Fast Charger: <= 2.5 Hours
Dimensions (DWH): 3.7" x 2.6" x 0.7"
Weight: 0.28 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 1.7 MB)

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