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SIMAUDIO MOON MOON by Simaudio - 230HAD Headphone Amp/DAC

Headphone Amp

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Headphone Amplifier and 32-Bit DAC an Ideal Computer-Audio Foundation: MOON Neo 230HAD Handles Almost Any Digital Source, Plays DSD256 and High-Res PCM, Boasts 10-Year Warranty

Capable of captivating DSD (up to DSD256) and high-resolution PCM (up to 32-bit/384kHz) playback, the multi-faceted MOON Neo 230HAD does everything a modern headphone amplifier/DAC should – and much more. Incorporating technology from MOON's reference 430HA model and transconductance-circuit topology in its pure analog amplifier section, 230HAD features a tremendous-sounding 32-bit DAC and serves triple duty as a linestage preamplifier. Entirely developed and manufactured in Canada (no cost-cutting Chinese shortcuts here), 230HAD pairs with any digital source. An ideal foundation for computer-audio systems, 230HAD also makes a beautiful match with Blu-ray players, TV receivers, and more. And let's not forget about its audiophile-grade headphone amplifier, which brings out the maximum fidelity from 'phones. A beefy toroidal transformer, two single-ended inputs (one rear, one front panel), fixed and variable line-level RCA outputs, four digital inputs for the DAC, a remote control, and bulletproof 10-year manufacturer's warranty complete a handy device that bows as one of the best price-to-performance components in audio. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"Within a fairly compact chassis, this is a device that manages to offer an impressive amount of functionality and most importantly, does all of it well. It is no stretch of the imagination to see it being used as either a line-level DAC, preamp or headphone amp and delighting owners in any of these roles."
Hi-Fi Choice, Recommended and five-star review

"...There is unquestionably a 'grip' that the Moon exerts on headphones that is readily noticeable and entirely welcome. At the same time, none of that top end sweetness and smoothness is lost in the move to closed listening."
AVForums.com, Best Buy Award

"Everything you want from your earphones and more is delivered when powering them with the 230 HAD. It drives all of the frequencies on the audible spectrum with ease, but most notably it presents incredible separation of instruments. This separation means that the higher-frequency sounds of cymbals are not going to be covered up when the guitar rhythm comes in. It also means the vocals stand out near the front where they belong, rather than disappearing behind the instruments."
Robb Report

"All in all, the 230HAD fullfils its mission brilliantly. It is a highly accomplished headphone amp/preamp/DAC that conveys much of the overall sound and feel of Moon by Simaudio's flagship 430HAD, but for a fraction of the price. For those who want a big taste of what top-tier headphone amp/DACs are all about, yet without paying a full on, top-tier price, the 230HAD is worthy of serious consideration."
– Chris Martens, Hi-Fi+

"The most important thing you get, of course, assuming you're listening on similarly high-end 'phones and you're not feeding the Moon with MP3s, is quite superb rich, sparkling sound quality, and music that sounds like the artist intended you to hear it."
Classic Rock Magazine (UK)

  • Transconductance amplification
  • Power : 1W @ 32 ohms / 100mW @ 600 ohms
  • Support for PCM (16-bit/44.1kHz up to 32-bit/384kHz)
  • Support DSD64 up to DSD256
  • CRM-2 Remote control
  • Motorized potentiometer for volume control
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