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Equipment > Amplification > Headphone Amp > MUSICAL FIDELITY - M1 HPA HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER **DEMO**
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Headphone Amp



Headphone Amp

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** THIS ITEM IS A DEMO - Full Manufacturer's Warranty **

Musical Fidelity Reinvents the Headphone Amplifier

The M1PHA is a Stereophile Class-A Rated Component

Almost twenty years ago, Musical Fidelity defined the headphone amplifier category with the original X-Can. A super-sweet tube design, the original X-Can was affordable, upgradeable and most importantly made music fun to listen to. Fast forward to the 21st century and Musical Fidelity has finally unleashed the most potent headphone amplifier they've ever made, the M1HPA. a choke-regulated internal power supply and the new gorgeous monolithic chassis style which Musical Fidelity first introduced with their pure Class-A AMS series.

"The M1HPA sounded exquisitely and addictively detailed with grab-ass bass and astonishing purity of tone. Sam Tellig's reference!"
– Sam Tellig, Stereophile, Class A rated Component

Class-A Design
A pure Class-A amplifier, the M1 Headphone Amplifier is quite a big step up from even Musical Fidelity's more recent offerings. An entirely new circuit, the M1 HPA is far more transparent, more resolved and much more powerful. The M1 HPA is also smoother through the midrange and treble with an overall more refined presentation. Bass, a long-time MuFi strength, is now at a new level of power and control.

"Unrestrained and raucous, yet at the same time it was detailed and full of texture. Given its sound, the M1 HPA is a bargain of a preamp."
HiFi News

Low Output Impedance
The M1HPA's output impedance is very low at less than 1 Ohm. This is critical as it allows the M1HPA to be impervious to headphone selection. A low output impedance means the amplifier is more capable of driving difficult loads with ease. The M1HPA's powerful amplifier section delivers gobs of current into any impedance, making it capable of driving virtually any headphone.

USB Input
The M1DAC features a B-style USB input, which accepts sample rates up to 48kHz. Like all other digital signals, the M1DAC upsamples all incoming USB signals to 24/192.

Built-in Power Conditioning
Long time Musical Fidelity fans know how seriously this brand takes their AC power, for every small component Musical Fidelity has offered an outboard power supply which greatly improved its performance. In the new M1 series, Musical Fidelity has gone even further, integrating both an upgraded power supply and modest power conditioning into the gorgeous chassis. By asserting control over the power supply Musical Fidelity has achieved vanishingly low distortion and noise levels.

Detachable IEC Power Cord
Musical Fidelity M1 components all have built-in power supplies with detachable AC Cords. Musical Fidelity has finally stepped away from outboard power supplies, instead building high quality choke-regulated AC power supplies into the larger chassis. We highly recommend upgrading the stock power cord that comes with this M1 component to one of our high quality AC cords.

NOTE: This product is only available for sale and shipment within North America

Output Power: 1.1W into 32Ω
Output impedance: less than 1Ω
Output level: 5.2V rms max
Frequency response: 15Hz to 75kHz -3dB max.
Signal to noise: >109dB “A”- wtd
Total harmonic distortion: <0.008% 10Hz to 20kHz
   Line level input 1 pair RCA line in left and right
   Line level outputs 1 pair RCA line out left and right
   1 pair RCA pre-out left and right
   Digital input 1 USB type ‘B’ connector for computer/PDA
Power requirement:
   Mains voltages 90-250VAC 50/60Hz
   Consumption 25 Watts
   Unit only, unboxed: 7.5 lbs.
   In shipping carton & inc. accessories: 9 lbs.
Dimensions (WHD): 8.66" x 4" x 12" (including feet and terminals)
Standard accessories: IEC type mains lead (10-Amp type)
User Manual (PDF, 211 KB)

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