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AUDEZE - EL-8 Headphones (Open Back) **Factory Remanufactured**


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Lightweight, Comfortable, and Able to Be Driven By Smartphones: Audeze EL-8 'Phones Play Back Music With Stunning Resolution, Superb Frequency Response, Engrossing Midrange, and Deep Bass

Superbly built, incredibly light, conveniently portable, and even able to be driven by smartphones, Audeze EL-8 planar-magnetic headphones represent a price-performance breakthrough. Available as either a closed- or open-back model (simply choose from the drop-down menu above), EL-8 features Audeze’s world-renowned sonics at a much lower cost than the company’s top-of-the-line LCD Series. Designed by BMWDesignWorks USA, these outstanding ‘phones are instilled with patent-pending Fluxor magnetics, Uniforce diaphragms, and Fazor elements. The combination of these cutting-edge technologies results in reduced weight, greater efficiency with mobile devices, drastically lower distortion, higher resolution, extended frequency response, and spot-on imaging. EL-8 also looks and feels great, with wood veneer accents and cozy earcups translating into fatigue-free listening for hours on end. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better performance anywhere near this price range. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

Fluxor Magnetic Technology Enhances Playback Quality Via Mobile Devices
Audeze’s patent-pending Fluxor magnetic technology, introduced in EL-8, delivers nearly double the magnetic flux density of the highest-grade neodymium magnetic circuits available. This remarkable achievement results in reduced weight with greater efficiency to work with mobile devices.

Uniforce Diaphragm Technology Reduces Distortion, Increases Imaging
EL-8’s patent-pending Uniforce diaphragm employs an industry first: Variable trace widths in the voice coil that effectively capture variations in the magnetic field within the magnetic gaps by equalizing the forces of the individual traces, thus creating a uniform driving force across the entire diaphragm surface. This engenders dramatically reduced distortion, higher resolution, and improved imaging.

Fazor Technology Enhances Transparency, Improves Extension
Patent-pending Fazor technology, introduced in Audeze's LCD Series, is also found in EL-8. Fazors are special acoustical elements positioned on either side of the magnetic structure. They enhance transparency by affecting the sound waves generated by large planar diaphragms. A few of the sonic benefits include extended frequency response, improved high-frequency extension, lower distortion, and better imaging.

Closed-Back Model Touts All the Benefits of Open-Back Version
EL-8s constitute a remarkable achievement in engineering, comfort, and style.  Designed by BMW DesignWorks USA, EL-8 features all of our technologies including Fluxor magnetics, Uniforce diaphragms, and Fazor elements delivering deep bass, an engaging midrange, and a sweet, detailed top end with no breakup modes. The closed-back model has all the sonic benefits of the open-back model and provides a quiet listening environment, even in noisy areas. While EL-8 is sensitive enough to be driven directly by portable players, it sounds even better with an external amplifier.

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