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AUDEZE - LCD-XC Headphones **OPEN BOX**


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Remarkable 3D Imaging, Superb Frequency Extension, Smooth Responsiveness, and Natural Musicality: Audeze LCD-XC Closed-Back Headphones a Salve to Noisy Environments

Audeze’s first closed-back design, the U.S.A.-made LCD-XC headphones, retain the company’s sterling audio quality while providing a more exclusive experience in noisy environments. Fazor elements help deliver performance as close as possible to that of open-back models. Remarkable 3D imaging, greater extension at frequency extremes, and a natural sense of instruments and voices distinguish LCD-XC as one of the finest closed-back efforts we’ve ever heard. Fazor elements also help guide and manage the flow of sound in the headphone. The result is improved phase response, smoother frequency response, and holographic imaging. LCD-XC looks as good as it sounds. The gorgeous wood cups are available in hand-worked Bubinga. The enclosures are made from precision-crafted anodized aluminum with sloped ear pads of either premium lambskin leather or a leather-free super-suede microfiber. And the ear pads are further designed with specially-crafted foam offering the proper firmness and the right acoustic balance.

"From the butter-soft leather, to the gorgeous wood ear cups, the LCD-XCs exude luxury in a way most headphones don’t."

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