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HiFiMAN - Susvara Headphones


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Like No Other Headphones in the World: Lightweight HiFiMAN SUSVARA Features Groundbreaking Nanotechnology Drivers, Stealth Magnets, and Window Shade Grill for Otherworldly Performance

Even the most seductive picture of the HiFiMAN SUSVARA headphones doesn't do justice to this groundbreaking planar-magnetic model. They're huge, yes, and they sound and are built like no other design in the world. SUSVARA's groundbreaking drivers – anchored by an ultra-thin, nano-particle-coated sub-.001mm-thick diaphragm – provide unsurpassed high frequency response, speed, and resolution that in turn deliver reference-setting openness and responsiveness that mirror that of live music. As for distortion? SUSVARA comes as close as humanly possible to eliminating it. The use of "stealth magnets" proves equally incredible. Inspired by multi-hundred-million-dollar fighter aircraft like the F-117, which allows radio waves to pass through the surface and renders the jet invisible, these special magnets allow sound to pass through unimpeded and result in an entirely pure signal. As elegant to hear as it is to see, HiFiMAN's patented Window Shade Grill system optimizes driver protection and maximized open-back performance. You'll relish immersive soundstages, analytical detail, and sublime resolution you'll hear during playback.

Of course, as should be expected from any audio equipment that commands top dollar and promises unprecedented experiences, SUSVARA touts luxury finishes that complement its spa-like comfort. SUSVARA's ear cups are custom-designed in a unique shape that follows the form of human ears. Similarly, the beveled ear pads contour to the shape of your head for added comfort. Finally, the sensible headband combines a special metal alloy with fine calf skin to form a sturdy arch structure. The perforation on the calf's skin helps to dissipate the heat while the light mass keeps the overall weight of the headphone shockingly low – SUSVARA only weighs a touch over 13 ounces. 

With SUSVARA, all the stars are aligned. And with Music Direct's Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, there's no reason not to experience the newest in state-of-the-art headphone listening for yourself.

Stealth Magnets Based on Cutting-Edge Fighter-Jet Technology, Preserve Absolute Purity
In traditional magnetic designs, magnets obstruct the sound waves and, by diffraction, create both constructive and destructive interference. As these points shift with frequency changes, a mass of wave distortions takes place. The use of "Stealth Magnets" on SUSVARA means the sound-wave reproduction occurs without the necessary magnets getting in their own way, degrading the sonic purity. The inspiration behind the design stems from fighter aircraft like the famed F-117. Radio waves can pass through the surface of stealth aircraft, rendering the aircraft virtually "invisible" before the radio waves reach it. HiFiMAN adapted this idea to the magnets to allow sound to pass through unimpeded.

Window Shade Grill System Translates Into Wondrous Openness, Prevents Distortion
SUSVARA utilizes the proven Window Shade Grill system. This signature design provides driver protection, is optimized for open-back design, and yields the best possible sound quality. It is precisely structured to gain greater openness that keeps the sound waves from second refraction and reflection to avoid unwanted vibration and distortion. The results: exceptionally wide soundstages, outstanding imaging, and remarkable clarity. As an added benefit, the Window Shade Grill provides a unique, high-tech look and an appropriate design complement to SUSVARA's premium alloys and wood trim.

Form Follows Function: Asymmetrical Ear Cups, Beveled Ear Pads, and an Ergonomic Headband
SUSVARA ear cups are specially designed in a unique shape that follows the form of human ears. The ear pads are beveled so that they contour to the shape of the user's head for superb comfort and extended listening. Comprised of a special metal alloy with fine calf's skin to form a sturdy arch structure, the ergonomic headband is the result of clever industrial design that accommodates the widely varied sizes of people's heads while evenly distributing correct pressure. This provides not only improved comfort but also a better seal of the pads around the ears and on the head for improved bass.

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