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MrSpeakers - Aeon Flow Open-Back Headphones


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Compact, Comfortable, and Cost-Sensitive Headphones Continue to Win Raves: MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open-Back Planar-Magnetic Headphones Play with Neutrality, Dynamics, and Accuracy

A Hi-Fi+ Product of the Year Award-winner, MrSpeakers' Aeon Flow open-back planar-magnetic headphones automatically stand out via their teardrop shape. Build quality, too, including the leather headband and earpads, carbon-fiber ear covers, and NiTinol headband, conveys superiority. But what really catches your attention is the sound. Featuring drivers equipped with V-Planar and TrueFlow waveguide technology, the California-built Aeon Flow plays with spot-on tonal balance, taut bass, and take-you-there imaging. Hear why Inner Fidelity names Aeon Flow "simply a must buy" with the security of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Also comes with MrSpeakers' two-year parts-and-labor warranty and a DUMMER cable with integrated dual 0.25-inch and 3.5mm plug, plus a compact travel case.

"The complete package – the sound, the shape, the smooth feel of the carbon-fiber ear cups, the luxuriously thick ear pads, and best of all, the price – might win over even the most curmudgeonly of resistors."
– Steve Guttenberg, Sound & Vision, Top Pick Award

"The MrSpeakers AEON headphones are a fast, dynamic, accurate and musical class A, one-size-fits-all headphone, with a neutral tonal balance. That is to say, they work well with all forms of music, and are a must have for listeners who prefer a realistic presentation with a vast three dimensional soundstage."

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