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MrSpeakers - Ether C Closed Back Headphones


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MrSpeakers' Ether C Closed-Back Planar-Magnetic Headphones Deliver Incredibly Open Sound: Hear the Entire Musical Spectrum, Isolate Outside Noise, and Enjoy Leave-on-for-Hours Comfort

Renowned for their light weight, superior comfort, noise-isolating design, and standard-setting performance, MrSpeakers' Ether C closed-back planar-magnetic headphones are defined by what they don't do more than what they do. Namely, these U.S.A.-built ‘phones don't set out to deliver the last word in bass, midrange, or highs. Rather, Ether C provides an escape-worthy blend of the entire spectrum, delivering musical experiences focused on wholeness, naturalism, and truthfulness. MrSpeakers' ultra-rigid carbon fiber cups produce an amazingly "open" sound in a closed headphone. Balanced weight distribution, lamb-leather ear pads, and an ultra-light NiTinol "memory metal" headband supply leave-on-for-hours comfort. Simply choose your desired cable option from the drop-down menu above and look forward to endless musical bliss that reviewers and listeners all over the world have already discovered. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

“This is a great headphone! Build quality, comfort, and styling are outstanding. Sound quality is superb. Tonal neutrality is excellent, as are dynamics, and imaging is particularly good for a sealed headphone.”

Inner Fidelity

“[Ether C] combines great sound, exceptional comfort, wide-ranging portable-player compatibility, and good isolation with A+ build-quality and an elegant physical design. What’s not to like?”
Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

“As the hours rolled by the Ether C kept surprising me, from one recording to the next they all sounded nice; the music always drew me in.”

Steve Guttenberg, CNET

“Ether C is not just a great closed-back headphone; it’s a great headphone, period. Stated simply, ETHER C gives you all the music all the time, successfully harvesting all (or very nearly all) of the valuable musical information your recordings have to offer.”

Slip on a Pair of Ether and Revel in the Comfort
Ether headphones are renowned for their fit. With a nearly ideal weight distribution and Italian lamb-leather ear pads, they can be worn for hours without fatigue. Ether won't move around on your head with normal usage, but neither will they leave your jaw and ears aching from clamping force.

  • Driver: 2.75" x 1.75" MrSpeakers' single-ended planar magnetic (with V-Planar™ surface processing)
  • Precision-machined aluminum baffle, pivots and gimbals
  • Nitinol "Memory Metal" headband
  • Italian leather with microsuede headband
  • Lamb-leather ear pads
  • Matched drivers: +/- 1.5 dB between 30 and 5,000Hz
  • Efficiency is 96dB/mW

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