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SENNHEISER ELECTRONICS Sennheiser - HD 700 Headphones **LIKE NEW**


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Spectacular Performance Lets You Hear New Things in Your Favorite Recordings: Save on Sennheiser HD 700 Headphones, Which Come with the Full Two-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Sennheiser's HD 700 headphones are a stunning achievement. Lightweight, comfortable, and ultimately musical, HD 700s are an absolute sonic knockout and truly a music lover's headphone. Available at a special savings and with the full two-year manufacturer's warrantyHD 700 makes listening to music fun again; every track, every song, every instrument brings you into the performance. With shockingly broad dynamic range and the spine-tingling ability to scale from soft to loud instantly, HD 700 delivers a stunning perspective on the original recorded event. A combination of new technologies developed exclusively for HD 700 deliver that elusive "breath of life" quality, those subtle inflections and tiny changes in both macro and micro dynamics which convince you that what you're hearing is the musical truth. With HD 700, you really are inside the music. 

What makes this headphone so special is the HD 700's ability to transport the listener. These are toe tapping, head nodding, hand drumming fun to hear. From the driving propulsive rhythms of rock to the soulful grooves of jazz, the sweet swinging of blues or the swell of massed strings, HD 700s are the definition of pure musicality. Even lower-resolution, compressed MP3s are listenable, but that's not the point of a headphone of this caliber. Feed these Sennheisers better recordings and they spring to life, drawing you further into the music. We highly recommend you audition this remarkable pair of headphone for yourself. We guarantee you will be equally impressed.

Comfort Like You've Never Experienced
Incredibly lightweight, HD 700s sit very comfortably over the ears; the micro-fiber pads exhibit minimal pressure and have a very soft touch on the skin. The very light pressure of the headband, excellent air-flow and immense sonic spaciousness of the drivers make the HD 700s very comfortable to wear, even after a day's worth of listening. This is extremely important for any headphone listener.

Stunning Sound Right Out of the Box
Even fresh out of the box, HD 700 demonstrates incredible clarity and transparency. Even with only a few minutes on them, acoustic instruments are stunningly real, raising the hair on your arms. The sense of space is tremendous, instruments decay into infinity and coherence is spectacular. Over the hours, as the drivers relax, vocals slip into greater focus, losing their previous rasp and smoothing out, becoming more fully fleshed out and physical. Bass, which out of the box is noticeably restrained, opens up considerably, becoming vastly more natural and offering excellent depth and quality without strain or particular emphasis. Imaging takes huge steps during this time as well; HD 700 is certainly something special out of the box and the sense of "throwing an image" grows even greater after just a few hours and continues to develop until full break-in.

Completely New Design
Sennheiser took a different approach with the HD 700's design. Traditional headphones point the drivers right at the ear, creating a flat sonic perspective. Sennheiser toed-in the HD 700's drivers, just as you would with a pair of reference monitor speakers, allowing them to deliver a better "out of the head" perspective. In keeping with the lightweight theme of the drivers, the headband, detachable cord and super-comfy micro-fiber earpads are equally lightweight.

Proprietary Technologies and Processes
The design goal for HD 700 was ultra-low distortion at an attainable price. To achieve this goal, Sennheiser engineers were given free rein to come up with unconventional answers to conventional problems. The ultra-lightweight DuoFol diaphragm is lightning fast with zero overhang, which accounts for HD 700's astonishing resolution and phenomenal realism.

Drivers and positioning are only part of the reason HD 700 is so good. A new patent-pending ventilated magnet system improves airflow behind the driver, minimizing turbulence and revealing incredible purity of tone. The metal mesh protecting the driver is specialty steel, molded into a proprietary acoustical shape which directs airflow creating an organic synergy with the incredible speed of the driver. Taking a design cue from the flagship HD 800, HD 700 receives a special vibration damping frame. Composed of a strategic layering of materials this special frame keeps unwanted resonances from affecting the acoustic chamber. This combination of approaches is why HD 700 is warm, detailed, balanced, and utterly revealing.

  • Lightweight, comfortable design for all-day listening
  • Drivers are toed-in for a wide soundstage and excellent imaging
  • Ultra-light DuoFol diaphragm is ultra fast and very low distortion
  • Patent-pending ventilated magnet system improves driver airflow
  • Molded specialty steel mesh creates a natural acoustic chamber
  • Vibration damping frame eliminates resonance
  • Luxurious storage box
  • Detachable headphone cable (1/4" plug, 7.5mm)
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Master carton quantity: 4
Frequency response: 10-42,000 Hz
Ear coupling: Around-the-ear
Transducer principle: Dynamic, open-aire
Nominal Impedance: 150Ωs
Sound Pressure Level : 105 dB (1 kHz, 1 V)
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.03 %
Jack plug: ¼ inch straight
Cable length 9.8 feet
Dimensions: 9.3 x 5.9 x 12.5 in
Weight: 3.5 lbs

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