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Equipment > Amplification > Integrated Amp > Cary Audio - SLI-80HS Integrated Tube Amplifier
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CARY AUDIO - SLI-80HS Integrated Tube Amplifier

Integrated Amp

Cary Audio - SLI-80HS (Black) ACARYSLI80HSB

CARY AUDIO - SLI-80HS Integrated Tube Amplifier

Integrated Amp

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80Wpc Output in Ultralinear Mode and 40Wpc of Pure Class A Power in Triode: Cary Audio SLI-80HS Tube Integrated Amplifier Matches Klipsch Heritage Series Speakers

The Cary Audio SLI-80 has been an industry standard for high-end, entry-level audiophile tube integrated amplifiers for more than two decades. Improving on its acclaimed predecessor, the SLI-80HS (Heritage Series) model arrives prepared to claim an equally renowned legacy and allow listeners that want the unique characteristics and benefits of valve sound the privilege at a price point that says nothing about its unassailable U.S.A.-made build, features, and fidelity. Offering 80Wpc output in ultralinear mode and 40Wpc of pure Class A power in triode operation, SLI-80HS offers easy access between the two options via a pair of toggle switches – giving you the best of both worlds.

Fueled by a complement of two 6922 tubes in the input buffer preamplifier section, two 6SN7s in the pre-driver/phase inverter section, and four KT88s in the crucial output stage, the 42-pound integrated uses extremely little feedback in its circuitry – leading to gripping transparency, vibrant detail, impactful bass, and soul-stirring impact that belies its rated output specs. Solid-state rectification adds excellent pace and offers enhanced dynamics and low-end thrust. If you want to see deep into your recordings, enjoy three-dimensional imaging, tonal accuracy, and natural warmth, SLI-80HS remains at your beckon call. Three pairs of single-ended RCA inputs, a headphone output, and subwoofer output attest to its flexibility.

Aesthetically, SLI-80HS proves a seamless match with Klipsch Heritage Series loudspeakers – ranging from the Heresy IIIs to the giant Klipschorn AK6s. The collaboration came about from countless years of Klipsch utilizing SLI-80 with its prized speaker line. You can order SLI-80HS with optional black ash, cherry, or walnut side panels to perfectly blend with your Klipsch gear. Simply select from the drop-down menu above.

What's more, SLI-80HS requires only a few minutes of warm-up time before it's ready to roll. In a field where product longevity seems shorter and shorter, SLI-80HS stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Decades of time-tested performance and thousands of satisfied listeners say more than any review ever could. Our 100% Music Direct Guarantee ensures your happiness with a component that will (re)introduce you to the magic of tubes.

"In my system, the tubed SLI-80HS sounded great with conventional loudspeakers and horns alike, and with all styles of music. It provided an uncluttered pathway to musical satisfaction, LP after LP. The Cary possesses all the qualities tube aficionados seek—and, perhaps due to its solid-state rectification, good if not spectacular grip on low-end fundamentals. Most important [it's] tremendous fun."
– Ken Micallef, Stereophile, cover story

"When all is said and done, the Cary SLI-80 is a classic tube integrated sound that must be heard by anyone looking for an amp in this price range. Highly recommended."
– Dean Seislove, Positive Feedback

"It is well built, very reliable, and communicates the essence of music really, really well. You will want to listen to music through this thing, and I am willing to wager that you will find that the hours melt away faster than ever when the SLI-80 is switched on. I found myself drifting away again and again, losing track of time yet remaining focused on the music. If you're a romantic like me, you're gonna like this amp."
– Graham Abbott, Positive Feedback

Circuit Type: Push-Pull Ultra-Linear Amplification Pure Class AB1
Power Output:
   40 watts/channel - Triode
   80 watts/channel - Ultra-Linear
Tube Complement:
   2 - 6922 Input Buffer Preamp
   2 - 6SN7 Pre-Driver/Phase Inverter
   4 - KT88 Output Tubes (or 6550, EL34, 6CA7, KT77, KT90, KT120)
Input Sensitivity: .45 volts for full output
Input Impedance: 100,000 ohms
Noise and Hum: 82dB below rated output
Frequency Response: 19Hz to 23KHz +/- .5 dB at full power output
Output Taps: 8 Ohms, 4 Ohms
Maximum Gain: 34dB
Power Consumption:
   166 watts - Operation
   83 watts - Standby
Inputs: 3 Pairs Single-ended RCA
   1 Pair Speaker Posts (Switch for 4 and 8 Ohm Selectable)
   1 Pair RCA for Subwoofer, 1/4" Headphone
Output Polarity: Non-Inverting (any input)
Warn-Up Time: Approximately 3 minutes
Break-In Period: 100 hours of music playing time
Dimensions: 7" x 17" x 16"
Weight: 42 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 2.5 MB)

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