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ELAC - EA Series EA101EQ-G Integrated Amplifier

Integrated Amp

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Great-Sounding, Powerful, and User-Friendly Integrated Amp Sets New Standards: ELAC EA Series EA101EQ-G Integrated Amplifier Features 24-Bit/192kHz DAC, Room EQ, Auto Blend, App, More

Unsatisfied with the combination of performance, flexibility, and value offered by existing integrated amplifiers, ELAC decided to do the job itself and design a new model from the ground up. The fabulous-sounding and feature-stacked result, the EA Series EA101EQ-G integrated amplifier, stands out in a crowded field by functioning as one of the most powerful, flexible, and user-friendly audio components extant. Much more than an integrated amplifier, EA101EQ-G also serves as a 24-bit/192kHz USB DAC, room and sub equalizer, headphone amplifier, and app-driven Bluetooth receiver. The go-to foundation of a modern music system, and ready for high-res music playback as well as home-theater duty thanks to built-in Dolby Digital Decoding, it brings to the subcompact amp/DAC field the same groundbreaking price-to-performance benefits as ELAC's famous UniFi speaker line. If you don't think a $699 multipurpose device can deliver the kind of dynamics, clarity, immediacy, and airiness demanded by critical listeners, we encourage you to let EA101EQ-G change your mind at a risk-free home audition.

It's difficult to capture everything EA101EQ-G does – and how well it does it all – in words. Immensely efficient and sensationally dynamic, a BASH amplifier outputs 80Wpc into four or eight ohms. It also accounts for why EA101EQ-G can maintain its stylishly compact form factor. Equally impressive, an Auto Blend measuring system that practically sets up your sub automatically affords the ability to pinpoint the optimal crossover frequency point between your speakers and sub for seamless integration – while also minimizing the effects of the room's less-desirable acoustics via the Room EQ function. As for control? EA101EQ-G makes it laughably simple. ELAC's free app for your phone or tablet gives you complete control over setup and customization, from basics (treble, bass, balance) to the naming of inputs to the aforementioned Room EQ and Auto Blend. Even better, the EQ functions are displayed as graphically rich, step-by-step instructions on your smart device. Amazing. Last but not least, EA101EQ-G can even be taught to respond to your existing IR remote. Yes, the bar on affordable, audiophile-caliber integrated amps has been raised by EA101EQ-G to Olympian levels. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

Pinpoint the Optimal Sub-Speaker Crossover Frequency With Auto Blend and Room EQ
ELAC's companion IOS and Android app measures the near-field response of main speakers and subwoofer, then pinpoints the subwoofer's optimal crossover frequency and correct phase. Auto Blend results in the perfect integration of clean, articulate bass. Room EQ precisely tailors your system for flattest frequency response across the audio spectrum, optimized for your listening position and environment. ELAC's free IOS and Android app includes innovative features not found on any other products in this class.

Powerful and Musical: Trademarked BASH Amplification Technology
A BASH Tracking Amplifier delivers 80 Watts per channel into four ohms. This new amplifier uses a modulated switched mode power supply allied to a conventional class AB amplifier. Switching at more than 400,000 times per second, the supply tracks the incoming audio signal to ensure that the Class AB amplifier gets only the voltage necessary (with a little headroom) to cope with today's dynamic movie and music content, thus maximizing the efficiency and potential of the amplifier.

Dolby Digital Decoding and aptX Bluetooth
To ensure the best possible sound reproduction, EA101EQ-G decodes Dolby Digital-encoded content for compatibility with HDTV broadcasts, disc media, and streaming content. When streaming, EA Series supports aptX audio decoding for up to CD-quality sound when using an aptX phone, tablet, or PC.

Analog Inputs: 2
Digital Inputs: 3 (all 24/192 capable)
   2x optical
   1x coaxial
   1x USB B-plug (Asynchronous)
Subwoofer Output: 1x RCA
Headphone output: 1x 1/4" (6.3mm)
Headphone Amp: 100mW @ 16 ohms
Bluetooth Audio: Yes, with aptX
Amplifier Type: BASH Digital Fidelity Tracking
Amplifier Power Output (@1kHz):
   Continuous: 80Wpc (4Ω)/40Wpc (8Ω)/70Wpc (2Ω)
   Single Channel Burst (CEA 2010*): 120Wpc (4Ω)/65Wpc (8Ω)/170Wpc (2Ω)
THD+N (1kHz): 0.07% (4Ω), 0.03% (8Ω)
SNR: 101dB (Full Power Digital Input)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz (± 1.8dB)
Display: OEL
App Control: iOS and Android control app
Room Correction: ELAC's ABC (Auto Blend & Calibrate)
Power Consumption:
   Off: 0.86W
   Auto Off: 5.45W
Dimensions (WHD): 8.375" x 2.125" x 11.625"
Weight: 5 lbs.

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