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MUSICAL FIDELITY - M6 Encore Connect Streaming Music System

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One-Box Solution for High-Res Streaming, CD Playing and Ripping, 'Phone Listening: Musical Fidelity M6 Encore Connect Features 32-Bit/384kHz DAC and 1TB Hard Drive, Just Add Amp and Speakers

Designed to accommodate modern listening, provide engrossing high-end sound, and offer one-box convenience without compromising on quality, Musical Fidelity's M6 Encore Connect streaming system works audio wonders around its 32-bit/384kHz DAC, ultra-powerful dual-core 64-bit Intel CPU, and built-in analog preamp with fixed and variable output. Compatible with scads of network, passive, and active speakers, M6 Encore Connect only requires the addition of an amplifier to turn your music library into daily concert happenings. A complete audio solution that can keep all of your music in one place, the intuitive M6 Encore Connect can be controlled by one remote (or smartphone) and arrives brimming with audiophile functions, convenience, connectivity, and parts. In addition to the scalable CPU – a device that makes the bulletproof M6 Encore Connect about as future-proof as possible by allowing for continual upgrading of its resources – an expandable 1TB hard drive means you can store upwards of 2500 CDs in bit-perfect form.

M6 Encore Connect accommodates practically every analog or digital source invented. Three line-level analog inputs, two analog outputs, four digital inputs, five USB inputs, two digital outputs, and Ethernet cover all bases. Want to connect network speakers such as Bluesound or Sonos? Simple. Want to play vinyl LPs? Just add an outboard phono preamplifier. In the mood to hear the music on your home network? Done. Want to listen privately? A headphone amp with independent volume setting is at your service. Lest we forget, a large, full-color hi-res display lets you keep track of everything happening. Add it all up (again, think of what you'd pay for all of this individually), and the high-performance M6 Encore Connect epitomizes value. Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee has your back if you don't agree.

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