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Equipment > Amplification > Integrated Amp > Icon Audio - ST-60 MkIII Tube Integrated Amp (KT150) **OPEN BOX**
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ICON AUDIO - ST-60 MkIII Tube Integrated Amp (KT150) **OPEN BOX**

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Icon Audio ST-60 MK IIIm: World's First KT150 Integrated Ultralinear/Triode Hi-Fi Tube Amp

Big Power Supply, Big Output Transformers, and Dynamic, Fast Sound, Also Serves as a Power Amplifier: Change Sensitivity Via the Flick of a Switch

Size, style, sumptuous sound: Icon Audio's handmade ST60 MKIIIm has it all, along with the boast of being the world's first KT150 integrated ultralinear/triode hi-fi tube amplifier. That's right: A simple flick of a switch takes this UK-designed unit from 80 watts in ultralinear mode to 40 watts of pure triode. Tailor-made for listeners that want a bigger, more robust integrated--and designed to present graceful music in hyper-detailed fashion and rocking fare sans harshness, tizz, or glare--it touts a big power supply, big output transformers, and dynamic, fast sound.

As Icon's biggest integrated amplifier, the ST60 MKIIIm also serves as power amplifier. The ability to change its sensitivity via basic switch means you can opt between the component serving as an integrated remote-control amp or power amp fed via a separate preamplifier. Three potted transformers reduce transfer noise, and the presence of the KT150--with 50% more power than the KT88--immediately yields improvements in sonics, power, and balances.

Like all Icon amps, the ST60 MKIIIm is entirely point-to-point hand-wired and contains no printed circuit boards or transistors, which degrade valve performance and color the signals. A cool built-in meter both adds to the classy, vintage look and serves multiple purposes, telling you when the output valves needs replacing as well as if they're operating at maximum potential. It's all in the service of ensuring that you're hearing music in the finest-possible sound. Along the same lines, the tertiary transformers reduce distortion and global feedback.

A Class A Triode front end, warm-up protection circuit, remote control, tape monitor, chock power supply, .5" solid alloy front panel with polished dark-chrome alloy knobs, plexiglas valve cover, and gold-plated input and output terminals are also standard. Icon takes any worry out of the purchase by providing a two-year parts-and-labor warranty as well as full service and support for the lifetime of the product. That's how it should be, and while most competitors don't go to such extremes, Icon is happy to do so.

Ultralinear or Triode? For 60 years, audiophiles have argued which sound is better. With the ST60 MKIIIm, you have the choice of both 80 watts and 40 watts of pure triode tone at the flick of a switch. It's like having two amplifiers in one! Most hi-fi fans prefer the sound of triode valves, especially for acoustic music.

Icon Audio gear is engineered in the UK and manufactured in China, with final assembly and checking done in the UK. Warranty on all Icon Audio pieces is two-year, parts and labor. Tubes are warranted for one year on a pro-rated basis.

  • 3 potted transformers to reduce transformer noise
  • Solen/SCR Hi Fi quality audio capacitors
  • May be used as a power amplifier
  • Built-in "Easy Bias" Meter
  • Hand-wired point to point
  • Japanese Blue ALPS volume pot
  • Class A, Triode front end
  • Output circuit Ultralinear or Triode switchable
  • 4x KT150 precisely matched
  • KT88/6550 compatible
  • 2x 6SL7 first stage valves
  • 2x 6SN7 output driver valves
  • 0D3 voltage regulator
  • Valve warm up, protection circuit
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