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ICON AUDIO - Stereo 30SE Tube Integrated Amplifier

Integrated Amp

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Single-Ended Icon Audio ST30SE Tube Integrated Amplifier Offers Ample Power, Smooth Sound, Relaxed Presentation, Analog Warmth: Class-A Performance With Triode or Ultralinear Operation

Signature tube warmth, analog color, mesmerizing smoothness, and pure Class-A performance combine in the delightfully simple Icon Audio ST30SE tube integrated amplifier. Offering more than double the power of most single-ended designs, the handmade ST30SE is anchored by two Tung Sol KT150 tubes and three 6SN7 double-triode tubes in "Cascode" mode for the best-possible sound. Able to be operated in triode (18W) or ultra linear (28W) mode, ST30SE plays music with an extremely relaxed, harsh-free character and stunning purity. The low-feedback integrated also doesn't skimp on the bass or introduce annoying hum common to other single-ended models. Completely point-to-point hand-wired and equipped with a handy easy-bias meter, ST30SE works well with more efficient speakers with 90db sensitivity or more. Like all Icon amplifiers, it comes loaded with sound-first engineering and build quality.

A remote control, choke-regulated power supply, SRC audiophile caps, silver-plated copper PTFE audio cable, and gold-plated inputs come standard. Easy to maintain, ST30SE intentionally uses tubes that don't cost a fortune to replace. Classic looks and a two-year parts-and-labor warranty and full service and support for the lifetime of the product from Icon sweeten the value. Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee means you have nothing to lose.

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