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Integrated Amp



Integrated Amp

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Rega Brio-R Integrated Amplifier

Rega Brio-R Integrated Amplifier Features Built-In Phonostage and High-End Components: Product of the Year Award-Winning Design Plays Music With Stellar Sound Quality

Rega combines its traditional audio design expertise with excellent engineering in the half-width Brio-R integrated amplifier. With expensive upgrades made to the already excellent audiophile-grade parts, Brio-R offers astounding sonics. We've never heard a compact integrated amp sound quite this good. Add in 50 watts per channel, a spectacular onboard phonostage, sizable toroidal transformer, and substantial power-supply components, and it's no wonder Brio-R scored a Product of the Year Award from TONEAudio as well as critical acclaim from practically every hi-fi press outlet on the planet. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"The Rega Brio-R sets the benchmark and then some. While it's easy for those that regularly hear the world's best (and often most expensive) gear to get excited about great sound, it's truly thrilling to hear this level of sound quality from an amplifier with this price tag."

– Jeff Dorgay, ToneAUDIO, Product of the Year Award

Rega's Brio-R is loaded with a substantial toroidal transformer, generous power-supply components, and a rugged output stage. Film capacitors are placed in the signal path and at all critical positions within the phonostage. Based around a pair of 150w Sanken Darlington output transistors, this combination forms a complementary emitter follower emulating Class A conditions with thermal stability and lower standing currents in the driver stage. Featuring its own dedicated power supply and separated from the audio circuit, the included remote control doesn't compromise the sonic design of the amplifier. Improved low- and high-current power supplies, coupling, and bypass capacitors also factor into the amazing performance. In addition, the built-in phonostage boasts increased input sensitivity.

"No integrated amplifier that I have heard for under $1,000 has a finer built-in phonostage."
– Sam Tellig, Stereophile

"Start listening, and it's the music itself that grabs your attention, rather than any particular hi-fi virtue. And that, of course, is exactly the way it should be."

What Hi-Fi?


  • 50w RMS pc into 8W
  • 73w RMS pc into 4W
  • Remote control
  • Five inputs
  • Rega custom-manufactured case
  • Rega phonostage (Input 1)
  • Toroidal mains transformer
  • Sanken 150w output transistors
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Input sensitivities for rated output level:
   Input 1 (Phono) input sensitivity: 2.1mV at 47KF In parallel with 220pF
   Maximum Input 1 (Phono) input level: 100mV
   Input 2 to 5 (Line) input sensitivity: 210mV at 47K
   Maximum Input 2 to 5 (Line) input level: 10.25V

Power outputs at 230/115V supply voltage:
   50Watts RMS both channels driven into the rated load of 8F
   58Watts RMS one channel driven into the rated load of 8F
   73Watts RMS both channels driven into the rated load of 4F
   93Watts RMS one channel driven into the rated load of 4F
Continued high level use into 4F may cause the case to exceed 40° C above the ambient temperature.

Power consumption:
   195Watts at 230/115V into the rated load of 8F
Record output level (with rated input levels): 210mV
Record output impedance: 470F
Frequency response:
   Phono: 15Hz to 40KHz (-3dB points) / 27Hz to 20.5KHz (-1dB points).
   RIAA accuracy: (100Hz to 10KHz) ± 0.4dB typically better than ± 0.3dB
   Line: 12Hz (-1dB points) to 43KHz (-3dB points).

Dimensions: 13.5" x 8.5" x 3.25"
Weight: 13.5 Lbs
User Manual (PDF, 327 KB)

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