James Taylor - James Taylor's Greatest Hits (Lmt Ed UltraDisc One-Step 45rpm Vinyl 2LP Box Set)

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James Taylor - James Taylor's Greatest Hits (Lmt Ed UltraDisc One-Step 45rpm Vinyl 2LP Box Set)

James Taylor - James Taylor's Greatest Hits (Lmt Ed UltraDisc One-Step 45rpm Vinyl 2LP Box Set)

Price $125.00
This product is not eligible for further discounts.
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Everything That Makes James Taylor Special Is Made Better on Mobile Fidelity's UltraDisc One-Step 180g 45RPM 2LP Box Set of Greatest Hits: Deluxe Audiophile Reissue Is Strictly Numbered and Limited

Mastered from the Original Analog Master Tapes and Pressed at RTI on MoFi SuperVinyl: Clear, Detailed, Warm, Radiant Sound Puts the Singer-Songwriter and His Distinguished Collaborators in Your Listening Room

11-Times-Platinum Compilation Includes the Staples "You've Got a Friend," "Fire and Rain," "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)," "Shower the People," and "Carolina in My Mind"

Mastering Source to Be Determined Closer to Production Date; Specifics Will Be Posted Here When Authenticated

One of the most commercially successful compilations ever released, the Diamond-platinum-certified Greatest Hits encapsulates the quintessential characteristics – refined acoustic guitar playing, mannered melodies, insightful lyrics, comforting singing – that made James Taylor an icon. Originally released in 1976, the collection was intended to summarize Taylor's tenure at Warner Bros. No one could have predicted the extent to which the album would resonate with the public, transcend generations, and become a cornerstone of millions of libraries.

Mastered from the original analog master tapes and pressed at RTI on MoFi SuperVinyl. Mobile Fidelity's limited numbered-edition UltraDisc One-Step 180g 45RPM 2LP box set presents Taylor's beloved music with unparalleled detail, richness, presence, and intimacy. The Boston native's warm baritone, expert breath control, and soothing guitar playing emerge as if they're coming directly out of a studio control room. There's no better way to hear Taylor – who stopped performing in small halls decades ago and now primarily frequents arenas and stadiums – weave folk, pop, country, and soft-rock threads into relaxed tapestries.

His homespun arrangements are framed against pitch-black backgrounds enhanced by the practically nonexistent noise floor of MoFi SuperVinyl. Greatest Hits also benefits from superior groove definition, sublime transparency, and dead-quiet surfaces. Never before have the critical instrumental accents that surround Taylor's singing sounded so lifelike, balanced, and whole. Even if you've heard favorites like "Fire and Rain" countless times, you've never experienced these classics in such realistic fashion.

The gorgeous packaging of the Greatest Hits UD1S pressing complements its distinguished status. Housed in a deluxe box, the LPs come in special foil-stamped jackets with faithful-to-the-original graphics that illuminate the splendor of the recording. This UD1S reissue exists as a curatorial artifact meant to be preserved, touched, and examined. It is made for discerning listeners that prize sound quality and production, and who desire to engage themselves in everything involved with the album.

And with Greatest Hits, that immersion extends to its unusual context. Like many collections, it was issued to fulfill a contract and capitalize on an artist's escalating popularity. Once Taylor signed to Columbia, Warner Bros. – which released the singer-songwriter's six previous LPs and watched as he transformed into a star – sought to bookend his stretch at the label with a career overview. Interestingly, Greatest Hits overlooks several tracks that landed on the charts and includes re-recordings of two songs – "Something in the Way She Moves," "Carolina in My Mind" – originally on Taylor's 1968 debut for Apple. In another twist, "Steamroller" is not the version from Sweet Baby James but a then-unreleased live rendition.

That the curiously titled Greatest Hits plumbs several deep cuts and bypasses Top 40 singles in favor of fare such as "Walking Man" worked – and still works – to its advantage. The strategy showcases the breadth, depth, and consistency of a songsmith whose primary concern has always been his craft. Though Taylor is tied to the pop universe, his identity remains that of an approachable confidante. He's the neighbor outside on his front porch ready with a good word; the reliable companion whose plainspoken voice conveys steadiness, trust, and honesty; the life companion whose tranquil demeanor and hopeful tones remind us of the importance of reflection, focus, and calm. These attributes are among the reasons why the familiar sound of Taylor's voice, gentle guitar, and mellow moods remain part of our DNA. His chart-topping cover of Carole King's "You've Got a Friend" said it all – and still speaks volumes more than 50 years later.

The beauty of this UD1S reissue is how it brings those treasured traits nearer to our hearts and deeper inside our souls. Whether it's the Latin-accented "Mexico," rustic shuffle "Country Road," vulnerable ballad "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight," or cozy bear hug that is "Shower the People," these songs offer reassurance and function as emotional balms in a frantic world. And they show no signs of aging. To put into perspective how pervasive Greatest Hits has been since its 1976 release, consider that the album peaked at No. 23 on the charts and has still managed to sell more than 11 million copies.

That Taylor is accompanied by a cadre of ace musicians – King (piano, background vocals); Russ Kunkel (drums and percussion); Joni Mitchell (background vocals), David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Carly Simon (harmony vocals); Danny Kortchmar (electric guitar); David Sanborn (saxophone); Leland Sklar and Randy Meisner (bass) – further explains the everlasting appeal of Greatest Hits. Trends will come and go, but Greatest Hits will doubtlessly endure for another five-plus decades.

More About Mobile Fidelity UltraDisc One-Step and Why It Is Superior

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab’s UltraDisc One-Step (UD1S) technique bypasses generational losses inherent to the traditional three-step plating process by removing two steps: the production of father and mother plates, which are created to yield numerous stampers from each lacquer that is cut. For UD1S plating, stampers (also called “converts”) are made directly from the lacquers. Since each lacquer yields only one stamper, multiple lacquers need to be cut. Mobile Fidelity's UD1S process produces a final LP with the lowest-possible noise floor. The removal of two steps of the plating process also reveals musical details and dynamics that would otherwise be lost due to the standard multi-step process. With UD1S, every aspect of vinyl production is optimized to produce the best-sounding vinyl album available today.

MoFi SuperVinyl

Developed by NEOTECH and RTI, MoFi SuperVinyl is the most exacting-to-specification vinyl compound ever devised. Analog lovers have never seen (or heard) anything like it. Extraordinarily expensive and extremely painstaking to produce, the special proprietary compound addresses two specific areas of improvement: noise floor reduction and enhanced groove definition. The vinyl composition features a new carbonless dye (hold the disc up to the light and see) and produces the world's quietest surfaces. This high-definition formula also allows for the creation of cleaner grooves that are indistinguishable from the original lacquer. MoFi SuperVinyl provides the closest approximation of what the label's engineers hear in the mastering lab.

  1. Something in the Way She Moves
  2. Carolina in My Mind
  3. Fire and Rain
  4. Sweet Baby James
  5. Country Road
  6. You've Got a Friend
  7. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
  8. Walking Man
  9. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)
  10. Mexico
  11. Shower the People
  12. Steamroller
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