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A Thing of Beauty: Music Direct Presents ATC Speakers

Our Chicago-based marketing team is often bombarded by manufacturers from seemingly every corner of the world asking us to carry their products – from tweaks and squeaks of every variety, to show-stopping gear that grabs our attention at the first note. Speaking of the latter experience, ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company) remains one of the most impressive brands to arrive at Music Direct. Headed by Billy Woodman, ATC crafts home speakers that mirror the excellence of their pro-audio siblings. Each model possesses a remarkable symbiosis of clarity and accuracy. It's no wonder ATC speakers continue to be prized by engineers at famed studios such as Sony Music, Air, and East West.

Several ATC models are currently on display in our Chicago listening rooms, including the SCM40 v2, a floor-standing supercharger that plays with immense amounts of transparency and three-dimensionality. Every tune you throw at it sounds so accurate, it's eerie. Whether it's a score by Icelandic composer Olafur Arnalds or an edgy Steven Wilson cut, SCM40 v2 immediately reveals the recording's depth and bring us into the music in the way the recording engineers intended – a thrilling sensation that makes us feel more connected with the artists. SCM40 v2's siblings, which include the compact SCM11 v2, offer their own sonic signatures you'll also likely find worthy of inclusion in your systems.

For an in-depth look at the creation of ATC products, enjoy the video, which was filmed at the company's factory in Stroud, Gloucestershire. ATC invests a lot of love in its speakers and electronics, and it shows.

October 1, 2018

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ATC Video
That video for ATC is very, very convincing. While viewing it, I got the impression that the Lord himself would want you to buy speakers from that very place, made by those very people.
5/31/2020 3:20 AM
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