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Audio Technica ART Series Phono Cartridges
By Bes Nievera

Two more new faces you'll see in our 2021 catalog lineup are a duet of cartridges that convey all the panache of Audio-Technica's approach to vinyl playback. While the company's ART-9XA and ART-9XI offer similar technologies, a few subtle touches give each model their own special voicing, and thus, entertain us in different ways.

As the successor to the long-running ART-7, ART-9XA employs a non-magnetic core design free from magnetic distortion, allowing for natural timbre and a precise sound field. With a newly designed coil armature with an improved output voltage of 0.2mV (1 kHz, 5 cm/sec), the model's nude-mounted Shibata stylus exudes a rich tone throughout the frequency range as well as added channel separation for a wide soundstage. In addition, ART-9XA's dual moving coils are aligned in a "V" shape for superior fidelity. Other features include PCOCC coil wiring, a hybrid machined aluminum and high-rigidity plastic housing, threaded cartridge-mounting holes, and more. If you opt for ART-9XA, you will enjoy substantive increases in bass performance, coupled with a rich and tunefully articulate midrange and top end.

ART-9XI is cut from the cloth of its predecessor, ART-9, and extends its legacy with pride. With a more robust .5mV output, ART-9XI offers additional micro and macro detail, exceptional channel separation and imaging, and wide dynamic contrasts. ART-9XI tightens the bass and adds more focus to the mids and top end, enabling superior dynamic range and presence for vocals and instruments. In tech speak, with its magnetic-core, neodymium magnet, and Permendur magnetic-alloy yoke, the cartridge keeps all the energy in the magnetic gap where the coils are located. Additional refinements include A-T's specially designed line-contact stylus mounted on an 0.28mm solid boron cantilever for precise tracking and resolution of musical detail. The cartridge also features a hybrid body made from a machined aluminum housing combined with high-rigidity polymer, a configuration that ensures stable playback and minimizes unwanted resonances.

Check out these cartridges for yourself and, for a bio on the company and its return to Music Direct, explore our 2019 brand profile.

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December 9, 2020

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