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August Report: CryoAcoustic Process, Aurender, and More
By Bes Nievera

And You Thought It Was Just for Sore Muscles: We've long been working on a great way to advance the sound quality of your gear, and we're thrilled to bring it to the masses in the form of cryogenically treated products. Music Direct's CryoAcoustic Process was introduced in last year's catalog and in our recent Soundbytes e-mail with great fanfare, and we're continually pleased with the results. So, just what is involved in cryogenically treating cables, vacuum tubes, and more? According to Music Direct Audio Consultant Mark Schneider, "Cryogenic treatment is a process that slowly lowers the temperature of a sealed container to a very, very low temperature, holds that temperature for a predetermined amount of time, then slowly brings it back to room temperature. This process is primarily used to treat metals and alter their crystal structure. Treated audio cabling and vacuum tubes showed improved sonic performance as a result of being 'cryo-ed,' as the resultant crystal changes benefit the sound of cables."

See our current collection of Cryo-treated products here.

AirPlay 2, Meet NAD: Apple AirPlay 2 is now available on select NAD products, including the outstanding M10 BluOS streaming amplifier and C 658 BluOS streaming DAC. Users of the company's C 368 and C 388 integrated amplifiers can also take advantage of AirPlay 2 playback using an all-new BluOS 2i MDC Module. "We are proud to be able to offer Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility to our NAD users," states Cas Oostvogel, NAD Electronics Product Manager, in a recent press release. "And we are especially proud to be able to do so with the BluOS 2i MDC module, since AirPlay 2 technology has never before been implemented in a modular solution like this, where owners of older NAD units like the C 368 and C 388 integrated amplifiers, which were first launched in 2016, can receive a new technology many years after their original purchase."

Cambridge Audio Is All About TIDAL: Fans of Cambridge Audio's fully loaded Edge NQ network audio player can rejoice over the inclusion of TIDAL, the much-lauded music streaming service, as part of the device's latest updates. Until now, Edge NQ offered limited streaming services; users had to interface music services through Google Chromecast (which, btw, ain't bad). By linking TIDAL's platform via Cambridge's Connect App, listeners will enjoy a higher-quality playback experience. And if the NQ isn't your cup of tea, all of Cambridge Audio's current network players support TIDAL.

The Aurender A30 Arrives at Music Direct: We brought you news of Aurender's A30, a well-apportioned caching music server/streamer/CD ripper, at April's AXPONA show during our live feeds. At that time, Ari Margolis, Aurender's go-to guy, gave us a sneak peek into the inner workings and expectations of the all-in-one wonder. Then, as now, the flagship A30 remains one of the most tricked-out devices we've ever used, and we're thrilled to make it available for you!

Finally: We're always uploading new videos on Music Direct's YouTube Page, including product intros from Pneuance and Nordost, as well as the all-new Carina and Vela Series speakers from ELAC. Be sure to watch and subscribe to our page!

Get Social With Bes: Connect with me on Twitter and Instagram (@BesNieveraJr)!

August 12, 2019

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