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GeerFab Audio's D.BOB Digital BreakOut Box Explained
By Bes Nievera

In this segment, we interview Eric Geer, President of GeerFab Audio, about the company's new D.BOB Digital BreakOut Box. A diehard audiophile, Eric loves to enjoy music on SACDs and Blu-ray discs, but wanted to improve the sonics by sending the discs' signal to external, higher-quality DSD-capable DACs. D.BOB is the first product that makes that happen and will wow anyone looking to increase the performance of a universal player that supports DSD/SACD playback by way of DSD64 output (as well as 24-bit PCM with Blu-ray and DVD-based discs). We first heard D.BOB at the 2019 AXPONA show, and later via an exhaustive audition before GeerFab brought the product to market. Suffice it to say this is the box for listeners who love physical media!

March 13, 2020

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