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Klipsch's Fourth-Generation Cornwall and Heresy: You Never Heard 'Em Sound So Good
By Bes Nievera

Another entry in a continuing series of articles spotlighting new products and brands announced in our 2020 catalog, hitting mailboxes now.

Some companies march to the beat of a different drummer. Klipsch has been doing it for 73 years. Paul Klipsch helped usher in the hi-fi era when he invented the revolutionary corner horn loudspeaker and hand-built the first Klipschorn in 1946. His goal was to bring the power, detail, and emotion of live music into the living room. Mission accomplished. The iconic Klipschorn has been in continuous production ever since and still thrills people today. Relatedly, our relationship with Klipsch has been amazing because we share the same passion – connecting people to their favorite music. Klipsch's Heritage Series does this in spades.

As with all of Klipsch's original design principles, every handmade in America Heritage model is extremely efficient (from 99db to 105db with a single watt) and very low in distortion. The combination results in an effortless dynamic range that makes music breathe. "Nothing is compressed", says Bill Haran of Orion Advanced Marketing. "The classic horn loading of Klipsch speakers controls directivity and aims more of the sound to the listening area, enhancing clarity and soundstaging. They are also designed for flat frequency response so they sound great with all types of music. More than anything, they are just flat-out fun to listen to!"

We recently experienced such enjoyment when Bill demo'd the new Cornwall IV in our listening room. Wow! Building on the exceptional performance of its predecessor, Cornwall IV brings a new kind of brilliance thanks in part to its all-new tweeter with phase plug as well as a completely redesigned midrange that incorporates the latest "Mumps" technology first introduced in Forte III by Klipsch engineer Roy Delgado. Upgraded crossovers with steeper slopes and new voicing to blend the improved drivers, high-performance internal wiring from AudioQuest, and Tractrix ports for better bass round out Cornwall IV's assets.

As a Qobuz Society member, our litmus test was determining how the speakers would perform while playing some intense tracks. From blazing drumming and orchestrations by Indian composer A.R. Rahman, to blues and jazz riffs from the likes of the Black Pumas, the new iteration of Cornwall came on as an uncompromising toe-tapping excursion into every song it encountered. Spinning an audiophile vinyl copy of Bob Dylan's masterful Blood on The Tracks proved an effortless ride. Did it help that we ran gear from the likes of England's Icon Audio and the U.S.A.'s legendary Cary Audio? Or was it the swift sonics provided by solid-state designs from McIntosh and Mark Levinson? No matter the approach, Cornwall IV rocked.

Also announced and shipping, Klipsch debuted a IV version of the beloved Heresy model. Like the new Cornwall, its performance is also enhanced and, for the first time since 1957, incorporates a ported cabinet. Heresy indeed!

Mark Casavant, Sr. VP Global Brand for Klipsch chimed in, noting, "These updates have given us more...more detail, more high-frequency air, more soundstage, more bass, and more passionate connection to our music as played through these speakers. Isn't that what it's all about?" We agree, Mark!

Want more information on these speakers? Give us a call. We'd love to talk with you about them.

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November 29, 2019

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