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New Brands and Products at Music Direct
By Bes Nievera

Now that I'm done being on-screen host of our well-received "Conversations" series, it's back to the word processor with a report on many exciting new product arrivals!

Parasound, synonymous with high-performance audio at affordable prices, is now available at Music Direct. Steeped in "customer-centric" product creation, born in part from founder Richard Schramm's retail background, and committed to aural integrity – particularly in that many components directly involve circuitry devised by iconic engineer John Curl – Parasound takes its "integrity endures" motto to the extreme. From its latest-generation Halo Series amps to low-cost Z-Series and Neo Classic lines, Parasound models remain among the most accessible in terms of cost-to-performance metrics. We are overjoyed to carry the entire lineup.

Another legendary brand, Rotel, has also joined our ranks. Long regarded by reviewers worldwide as a manufacturer that focuses on high-performance products without cutting corners, Rotel prizes in-house-built power supplies, short signal paths, and meticulously selected parts in an ongoing effort to devise separates, source players, integrated amplifiers, and home-theater receivers that subscribe to informed engineering and user friendliness. Bargain hunters, please note: We have discounted "B-Stock" versions of select models. All feature full two-year manufacturer warranties and are carefully vetted and re-packaged by Rotel service teams.

Fans of the Hana cartridge line will be thrilled to learn we're taking orders on the all-new Umami Red MC model. Featuring an ebony wood inlay, rare-earth magnets, precision-cut microline diamond stylus, high-purity copper wires, boron cantilever, Urushi lacquering, and CNC-machined Duralumin body with an exclusive Auricle design that mirrors the shape of a human ear, the hand-made cartridge is designed by master builder Maseo Okada-san and manufactured in-house in Japan by Excel Sound. True to its name – the term evoking savory, memorable, long-lasting, delicious, and pleasantly intense sensations – the synergistic Umami Red stands as a premium-grade analog instrument that looks and sounds like royalty. Be sure to call us directly for details on arrival date and to place your order!

When Bowers & Wilkins visited us late last year to launch its Formation Series of wireless speakers, our relationship was bound to blossom. With the arrival of its breathtakingly gorgeous 700 Signature Series speakers, our love for the British company continues to grow stronger with every listen. Featuring a distinctive tweeter-on-top design, upgraded crossovers, and Mundorf bypass capacitors, 702 and 705 Signature – as well as the sibling 702 S2 and 705 S2 – epitomize the storied brand's mission to craft loudspeakers that elevate design, technology, and aesthetics to spellbinding heights. Each model plays with excellent imaging, potent bass response, and Continuum-leading voicing throughout the midrange.

Finally, in the category of tweaks, Hexmat's unusual Yellow Bird Phono Record Isolator goes beyond the conventional circular platter mat concept. The result is a remarkable accessory that significantly boosts the sound of vinyl playback. Think increased clarity, improved bass, and more. Its inventor can tell you more on his Facebook page.

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August 6, 2020

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