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Tweaks and More: New Accessories
By Bes Nievera

As depicted in Music Direct's still-fresh 2021 catalog, our new product showcase wouldn't be complete without useful accessories and add-ons to enhance your listening experiences. Some choice selections include:

Riding high on the success of its breakthrough SugarCube SC-1 and SC-2, SweetVinyl's latest non-destructive click-and-pop devices for vinyl playback – SC-2 Mini and SC-2 Mini/Phono – are already garnering praise from our customers. Importantly, these models constitute much more than a basic refresh of the company's top-of-the-line component. Housed in a more compact footprint, SC-2 Mini and SC-2 Mini/Phono feature the manufacturer's 2.0 software, updated algorithms, and latest LP recording system for flawless reproduction of your fave content on vinyl. Discogs-based metadata tagging and iOS/Android app operation also come standard. Plus, SweetVinyl's app gives SC-2 Mini and SC-2 Mini/Phono added flexibility when track splitting or recording content. True to its name, SC-2 Mini/Phono even sports a surprisingly musical MM/MC phono preamplifier.

DS Audio may not be a household name among the general audio-buying public, but the Japanese manufacturer is renowned for its optical phono cartridge, a pace-setting design that dates back four decades. The company's recently introduced ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer debuts as a completely different animal with one aim: To rid your analog record-playing experiences of static-based noise. During operation, the compact albeit imposing tower simply rests alongside your turntable. It uses four ionizers to generate positive and negative ions to remove the static energy on your record's surface – all the while your LP spins on the ‘table. Annoying pops and ticks, as well as unnecessary sonic artifacts from needle drag and record sleeves, disappear. Simple to setup and use, ION-001 may be the best little device we've ever carried...and it's 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

iFi Audio's compact DACs, buffers, and USB conditioners remain among our most proven products, particularly in terms of their price-to-performance value and user enjoyment. And when it comes to power conditioning, the U.K.-based firm arguably touts the finest example of a compact, single-source power supply with noise cancellation. iPower X is an excellent way to upgrade the wall-wart power supplies included with your turntable and other related electronics. It makes improvements analogous to those bestowed by a first-rate pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Whether used at home or on the go, iPower X's active noise cancellation yields immediate results that extend to blacker backgrounds and improved dynamics. You'll also notice enhanced upper-end detail and balanced tonality. Available in four popular voltages (5, 9 12 and 15v), iPower X will instantly advance your favorite component's goal of bringing you closer to the music.

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January 29, 2021

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