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Video Review: HiFi Rose 150B Is Audiophile Nirvana at Your Fingertips

To say we're elated to have this product is an understatement: We call it the ultimate expression of audiophile cool. From its wide, 14.9" touch screen to the versatile and tactile features inside and out, the all-new HiFi Rose 150B puts streaming in a whole new light. With Qobuz, TIDAL Masters, Spotify Connect, and YouTube integration, MQA decoding, and high-resolution audio playback, the 150B goes way beyond the conventional player approach. Add video playback of content up to 4K, and you have a player that enthusiastically challenges the status quo.

Order your HiFi Rose RS150B with the confidence that comes with Music Direct's 60-day guarantee.

September 17, 2021

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