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101 Vivaldi - Various Artists


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Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, with its clear program depicting natures cycle of the seasons, is probably the most popular music in the entire classical repertory. In addition to this perennial favorite, the 6CD set 101 Vivaldi includes almost another six hours of music by the Red Priest, including the uplifting Gloria, Guitar Concerto in D with its beautiful slow movement, and the thrilling Concerto for Two Trumpets. Because of the relatively short length of individual movements, this set is able to offer no fewer than 38 complete works, making it perfect for both beginners and collectors. Includes recordings by some of Decca's greatest exponents of Vivaldi's music such as Salvatore Accardo, Eduardo Fernandez, Severino Gazzelloni, Emma Kirkby, Neville Marriner, Simon Preston and Heinrich Schiff.

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1. I Allegro
2. II Largo
3. III Allegro (Danza pastorale)
4. I Allegro non molto
5. Allegro
6. II Adagio Presto Adagio
7. III Presto (Tempo impetuoso d'estate)
8. I Allegro (Ballo, e canto de' villanelli)
9. II Adagio molto (Ubriachi dormienti)
10. III Allegro (La caccia)
11. I Allegro
12. II Largo
13. III Allegro (Danza pastorale)
14. I Allegro
15. II Largo
16. III Larghetto Largo Allegro
17. I Allegro
18. II Andante
19. III Allegro

1. Concerto for Two Trumpets, Strings and Continuo in C major
2. I (Allegro giusto)
3. II Largo
4. III Allegro
5. Concerto for Two horns, Strings and Continuo in F major
6. I (Allegro giusto)
7. II Largo
8. III Allegro
9. Concerto for Strings and Continuo in G major
10. I Allegro non molto
11. II Larghetto
12. III Allegro
13. Trio Sonata for Two Violins and Continuo in D minor
14. Concerto for Two Oboes, Two Horns and Violin in F major

1. Concerto for Oboe and Strings in F Major, RV 456
2. Concerto for Bassoon and Strings in A minor, RV 498
3. Concerto for Flute and Strings in C minor, RV 441
4. Concerto for Two Oboes, Strings and Continuo in D minor, RV 535
5. Concerto for Sopranino Recorder (Flautino) and Strings in C major, RV 443
6. Concerto for Two Oboes, Bassoon, Two Horns and Violin in F major, RV 574

1. I Allegro
2. II Largo
3. III Presto
4. I Largo
5. II Fantasmi (Presto)
6. III Largo
7. IV Presto
8. V Il sonno (Largo)
9. VI Allegro
10. I Allegro
11. II Cantabile
12. III Allegro
13. I Allegro
14. II Largo
15. III Allegro
16. I Allegro
17. II Largo
18. III Allegro
19. I Allegro
20. II Largo
21. III Allegro
22. I Allegro
23. II Largo
24. III Allegro
25. I Allegro
26. II Largo
27. III Allegro

1. I Allegro
2. II Larghetto
3. III Allegro molto
4. I Allegro
5. II (Largo)
6. III Allegro
7. I Allegro non molto
8. II Largo
9. III Allegro
10. I Allegro
11. II Largo
12. III Allegro
13. I Allegro non molto
14. II Adagio
15. III Allegro ma non molto

1. I Gloria in excelsis
2. II Et in terra pax
3. III Laudamus te
4. IV Gratias agimus tibi
5. V Propter magnum gloriam
6. VI Domine Deus, Rex Coelestis
7. VII Domini fili unigenite
8. VIII Domine Deus, Agnus Dei
9. IX Qui tollis peccata mundi
10. X Qui sedes ad dexteram patris
11. XI Quoniam tu solus sanctus
12. XII Cum Sancto Spiritu
13. I Nulla in mundo pax sincera
14. II Blande colore... ...Spirat anguis inter flores
15. III Alleluia
16. I Amor, hai vinto... ...Passo di pena in pena
17. II In qual strano... ...Se a me rivolge il ciglio
18. I Stabat mater
19. IV Quis est homo
20. VII Eja Mater

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