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Music > Optical Disc > David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town: 1977-1982 (11CD Box Set)
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David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town: 1977-1982

(11CD Box Set)

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The Third In a Series of Chronological David Bowie Box Sets Spanning 1977-1982!

David Bowie A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982) serves as the follow-up to the awarding winning and critically acclaimed David Bowie Five (1969-1973) and David Bowie Who Can I Be Now? (1974-1976) box sets and contains a brand new remix of the 1979 album Lodger by long time Bowie producer/collaborator Tony Visconti. The 11CD-set features material officially released by Bowie between 1977 and 1982 including the so-called ‘Berlin Trilogy' of albums on which he collaborated with Visconti and Brian Eno, and is completed by Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps).

The box set, named after the final track on side one of Low, includes Low, Heroes, Stage (Original and 2017 Versions), Lodger, Lodger (Tony Visconti 2017 Mix), Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) and Re:Call 3. Finally we have the Heroes EP, which rounds up the German and French album and single versions of the track in one place for the first time, a compilation exclusive to the set celebrating the 40th anniversary of the song. 

Exclusive to the box is Lodger (Tony Visconti 2017 Mix). The remix was started with David's blessing before his passing in January 2016. Visconti has revisited the original multi-tracks at Human Studios and remixed the album with the benefit of modern technology to better highlight the album's nuances. Always a personal favorite of David's, this version of the album will also feature newly 'remixed' artwork featuring unseen images from the original cover photographic session from the archive of the Estate of photographer Duffy, working closely with his son Chris.

Also exclusive to each box is Re:Call 3, a new compilation featuring remastered contemporary single versions, non-album singles and b-sides, and songs featured on soundtracks
. The cover features a photo by Christian Simonpietri taken at Hansa Studios in Berlin during the Heroes sessions in 1977.

The accompanying 128 page book features rarely seen and previously unpublished photos by photographers including Anton Corbijn, Helmut Newton, Andrew Kent, Steve Schapiro, Duffy and many others as well as historical press reviews and technical notes about the albums from producer Tony Visconti.

Box Set Features:
• Low (remastered) (CD)
• Heroes (remastered) (CD)
• Heroes EP (remastered) (CD)
• Stage (remastered) (2CD) 
• Stage (2017) (remastered) (2CD)
• Lodger (remastered) (CD)
• Lodger (Tony Visconti 2017 Mix) (CD)
• Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (CD)
• Re:Call 3 (non-album singles, single versions and b-sides) (remastered) (CD)
• 128-page hardback book


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1. Speed Of Life                                        
2. Breaking Glass                                       
3. What In The World                                              
4. Sound And Vision                                      
5. Always Crashing In The Same Car                               
6. Be My Wife                                   
7. A New Career In A New Town  
8. Warszawa                                              
9. Art Decade                                                                          
10. Weeping Wall                                         
11. Subterraneans

1. Beauty And The Beast 
2. Joe The Lion 
3. "Heroes" 
4. Sons Of The Silent Age 
5. Blackout 
6. V-2 Schneider 
7. Sense Of Doubt 
8. Moss Garden 
9. Neuköln
10. The Secret Life Of Arabia

Heroes EP
1. Heroes / Helden (German album version) 
2. Helden (German single version) 
3. Heroes / Héros (French album version) 
4. Héros (French single version)

Stage (Original) (2CD)
1. Hang On To Yourself
2. Ziggy Stardust
3. Five Years
4. Soul Love
5. Star
6. Station To Station
7. Fame
8. TVC 15
9. Warszawa
10. Speed Of Life
11. Art Decade
12. Sense Of Doubt
13. Breaking Glass
14. Heroes
15. What In The World
16. Blackout
17. Beauty And The Beast

Stage (2017) (2CD)
1. Warszawa
2. Heroes
3. What In The World
4. Be My Wife
5. The Jean Genie *
6. Blackout
7. Sense Of Doubt
8. Speed Of Life
9. Breaking Glass
10. Beauty And The Beast
11. Fame
12. Five Years
13. Soul Love
14. Star
15. Hang On To Yourself
16. Ziggy Stardust
17. Suffragette City *
18. Art Decade
19. Alabama Song
20. Station To Station
21. Stay
22. TVC 15
* Previously unreleased

1. Fantastic Voyage 
2. African Night Flight 
3. Move On 
4. Yassassin (Turkish for: Long Live) 
5. Red Sails 
6. D.J.  
7. Look Back In Anger 
8. Boys Keep Swinging 
9. Repetition  
10. Red Money

Lodger (2017 Tony Visconti mix)
1. Fantastic Voyage 
2. African Night Flight 
3. Move On 
4. Yassassin (Turkish for: Long Live) 
5. Red Sails 
6. D.J.  
7. Look Back In Anger 
8. Boys Keep Swinging 
9. Repetition  
10. Red Money

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 
1. It's No Game (Part 1)                                                
2. Up The Hill Backwards                                                
3. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)                            
4. Ashes To Ashes                                                       
5. Fashion                                                              
6. Teenage Wildlife                                                     
7. Scream Like A Baby                                           
8. Kingdom Come                                                 
9. Because You're Young 
10. It's No Game (Part 2)

Re:call 3
1. Heroes (single version) 
2. Beauty And The Beast (extended version) 
3. Breaking Glass (Australian single version) 
4. Yassassin (single version) 
5. D.J. (single version) 
6. Alabama Song 
7. Space Oddity (1979 version) 
8. Ashes To Ashes (single version) 
9. Fashion (single version) 
10. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (single version)
11. Crystal Japan 
12. Under Pressure (single version) - Queen and David Bowie)
13. Baal's Hymn (Bertolt Brecht's Baal EP)
14. Remembering Marie A. (Bertolt Brecht's Baal EP)
15. Ballad Of The Adventurers (Bertolt Brecht's Baal EP)
16. The Drowned Girl (Bertolt Brecht's Baal EP)
17. The Dirty Song (Bertolt Brecht's Baal EP)
18. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (soundtrack album version) 
19. Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy - David Bowie and Bing Crosby

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