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Music > Optical Disc > Donald Fagen - Cheap Xmas: Donald Fagen Complete (5CD Box Set)
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Donald Fagen - Cheap Xmas: Donald Fagen Complete

(5CD Box Set)

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Item: CRHI2831

As a member of Steely Dan, it was always evident that Donald Fagen was a very clever and amusing gentleman, but he deserves a bit of extra credit for coming up with the title of the box set that spans his entire solo career: Cheap Xmas. It's a fair cop, though: if you know someone who's a Fagen fanboy but hasn't gotten around to picking up all of his solo albums, then this is a perfect bit of one-stop shopping. And even if you're a fan who does have those four excellent albums – which are The Nightfly (1982), Kamakiriad (1993), Morph The Cat (2006) and Sunken Condos (2012) – there's still something here to help sell you on picking up a copy: a fifth disc, 10 Extras, which features 10 solo Fagen songs that aren't on any of the aforementioned albums.


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CD1 - The Nightfly
  1. G.Y.
  2. Green Flower Street
  3. Ruby Baby
  4. Maxine
  5. New Frontier
  6. The Nightfly
  7. The Goodbye Look
  8. Walk Between Raindrops
CD2 - Kamakiriad
  1. Trans-Island Skyway
  2. Countermoon
  3. Springtime
  4. Snowbound
  5. Tomorrow's Girls
  6. Florida Room
  7. On The Dunes
  8. Teahouse On The Tracks
CD3 - Morph The Cat
  1. Morph The Cat
  2. H Gang
  3. What I Do
  4. Brite Nitegown
  5. The Great Pagoda Of Funn
  6. Security Joan
  7. The Night Belongs To Mona
  8. Mary Shut The Garden Door
  9. Morph The Cat (Reprise)
CD4 - Sunken Condos
  1. Slinky Thing
  2. 'm Not The Same Without You
  3. Memorabilia
  4. Weather In My Head
  5. The New Breed
  6. Out Of The Ghetto
  7. Miss Marlene
  8. Good Stuff
  9. Planet D'Rhonda
CD5 - 10 Extras
  1. Rhymes
  2. Big Noise New York
  3. True Companion
  4. Confide In Me
  5. Blue Lou
  6. Shanghai Confidential
  7. Green Flower Street (Live)
  8. Century's End
  9. Hank's Pad (Live)
  10. Viva Viva Rock 'N' Roll (Live)

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