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Peter, Paul and Mary - If I Had A Hammer: The Original Debut Album


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Peter, Paul And Mary If I Had A Hammer: The Original Debut Album on SACD

High Quality Master Recording / Single Layer Stereo SACD

Peter, Paul and Mary's self-titled 1962 debut on Warner Bros. Records, a stunning oasis of content in a sea of musical fluff, brought folk music of consciousness and concern to the top of the charts. Fueled by the enormous hits "Lemon Tree" and "If I Had a Hammer" (which enjoyed a second life as an anthem of the Civil Rights Movement), the album went straight to #1, remaining in the Billboard Top 10 for 10 months and in the Top 20 for two years on the way to a remarkable three-and-a-half year run on the album chart. 

"Peter, Paul and Mary sing folk music. In your hands you hold their first recordings. But to be more accurate, you hold a bouquet of song still fresh as earth, and strong with the perfume of sincerity. For Peter, Paul and Mary sing! There is nothing apologetic about their work. No ineptitude disguised as charm. No uninspired professionalism passed off as authenticity. Whatever they have thus far undertaken, Peter, Paul and Mary have done well, and with flair. And, obviously, with their whole hearts. The temptation is to run on in a riot of superlatives. Probably, you're either reading this instead of listening, or else reading and trying to listen at the same time. Either way, it's a mistake. The truth is on the record. It deserves your exclusive attention. No dancing please. Just look at their faces, listen to their songs, and hope that you have a chance to hear (and see) them in person).

"These dynamic youngsters have been together almost a year now (by spring '62 when this is being written), and each day seems to bring new definition to that word... together. The trio has elsewhere been described, visually, as 'Two bearded prophets of the folk idiom in league with a bright, young blonde-and-a-half.' And vocally, as 'An angel, and two cellos playing guitars.' Beyond such imagery, such facts as birthplaces, hobbies, ages, and last names are unimportant here. Their identities as artists, both individually and collectively, are emphatically established on the record inside. By way of rounding out the biography, let's just add that what they do in their spare time is sing.

"More important than biography, there seems to be something optimistic, something encouraging about this whole musical experience. Peter, Paul and Mary's first album is bright with enthusiams. No gimmicks. There is just something good about it all. Good in the sense of Virtue, that is. And the news that something this good can be as popular as this is can fill you with a new kind of optimism. Maybe everything's going to be all right. Maybe mediocrity has had it. Maybe hysteria is on the way out. One thing for sure in any case: Honesty is back. Tell your neighbor." - original album liner notes

• High quality master recording
• High precision mastering
• Single layer stereo SACD

Peter, Paul And Mary If I Had A Hammer - The Original Debut Album Track Listing:

1.  Early In The Morning
2.  500 Miles
3.  Sorrow
4.  This Train
5.  Bamboo
6.  It's Raining
7.  If I Had My Way
8.  Cruel War
9.  Lemon Tree
10. If I Had A Hammer
11. Autumn to May
12. Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

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1. Early In The Morning
2. 500 Miles
3. Sorrow
4. This Train
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6. It's Raining
7. If I Had My Way
8. Cruel War
9. Lemon Tree
10. If I Had A Hammer
11. Autumn to May
12. Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

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