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Stereophile - Test CD 2


Stereophile - Test CD 2

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Item: CSTP004

Well-recorded classical music excerpts, along with a performance by reviewer-bad-boy Corey Greenberg, but the real reason to buy this disc is to learn more about digital distortions and jitter.  Several tracks on this disc will give your ears real evidence regarding the sonic impact of digital recording and dubbing.  A worthwhile addition to the audiophile's library.

1. Channel Identification 0:37
2. Channel Phasing 0:46
3. Acoustic Drum Solo 3:37
4. Acoustic guitar solo 3:07
5. Igor Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat (excerpt) 0:56
6. Sergei Prokofiev: Flute Sonata in D, Op.94, Allegro con brio 7:00
7. Franz Schubert: Ave Maria 4:35
8. Traditional (arr. Charlie Caranicas): St. James Infirmary 3:39
9. J.S. Bach: Trio Sonata BWV 525, Adagio 5:13
10. Mapping the Soundstage 1:04
11. Brahms: Intermezzo, Op.117 No.1 in E-flat 5:24
12. Beethoven: 'Mozart's Minuet in G' 0:44
13. Edward Elgar: The Dream of Gerontius, Part 1 (conclusion) 7:07
14. Corey Greenberg: Eden 3:14
Signals for testing loudspeakers and rooms:
15. Pink Noise at -20dBFS L+R (Uncorrelated from 0:42) 1:24
16. Bass Decade (200Hz-20Hz) 1/3-octave warble tones at -20dBFS 2:47
17. Midrange Decade (250Hz-2kHz) 1/3-octave warble tones at -20dBFS 2:32
18. Treble Decade (2.5kHz-20kHz) 1/3-octave warble tones at -20dBFS 2:32
19. Music Articulation Test Tone 1:19
Distortion & Jitter demonstration tracks:
20. The Harmonic Series, 500Hz fundamental, at -10dBFS (L+R) 0:24
21. Second harmonic distortion A/B Test (L+R) 1:42
22. Third harmonic distortion A/B Test (L+R) 1:42
23. Seventh harmonic distortion A/B Test (L+R) 2:12
24. Typical amplifier distortion signatures (L+R) 0:32
25. Harmonic & sub-harmonic distortion (L+R) 0:22
26. Jitter demonstration track (L+R) 0:48
CD Player & Tape Recorder test tracks:
27. Spot frequency tones at -20dBFS (L+R) 6:15
28. De-emphasis test tones at -20dBFS, (L+R) 0:52
29. Noise Modulation Test Tones with dither (L+R) 1:02
High Level test tracks:
30. 19+20kHz at 0dBFS (L+R) 0:21
31. 20kHz at 0dBFS & -20dBFS (L+R) 0:31

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