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GRADO LABS Grado - Epoch MI Phono Cartridge

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New Reference in MI Phono Cartridges Features Custom Diamond Stylus, High Output, and Cocobolo Wood Body: Handmade Grado Epoch Delivers Euphoric Resolution and Rarified Performance

The prestigious-sounding and invariably quiet Grado Epoch MI is the revered company's first phono cartridge to feature a custom-made diamond stylus. Along with final assembly by John Grado and the lowest effective moving mass of any Grado model, it's one of myriad unique features, properties, and hand-selected details appointing an expert tracker that belongs in any conversation pertaining to the finest phono cartridges ever designed. Making no small claims about its abilities, the reference-caliber Epoch mines every last bit of the critical information – instrumental definition, air, depth, nuances, transients, dimensionality, hues – on LPs that most cartridges simply cannot reproduce. And on the rare occasions when the latter manage to convey them, they lack balance, neutrality, and shape.

A Stereophile Editors' Choice Award-winner, Epoch works the equivalent of analog miracles, even significantly reducing surface noise and distortion. Its exceedingly high output at 1mc allows your phono preamplifier to sound even purer and more powerful. A specially shaped stylus, long sapphire cantilever, and dense, non-resonant cocobolo wood body are all responsible for the uncommon performance and euphoric end results. As should be expected of any product of its grade, Epoch touts perfectionist-minded engineering – coil-winding that yields exact unison between the four coils, 24-karat solid gold wiring, Swiss screw-machined and molded metal magnetic circuit parts, Grado's patented Flux-Bridge generator – that provide exceptional balance throughout the frequency spectrum, see-through clarity, beguiling channel separation, and immersive resolution.

The handcrafted-in-the-U.S.A. Epoch even provides additional peace of mind in the years to come. If it needs repair or adjustment, just send it back to Grado in Brooklyn. Not that we think you'll ever want to part with Epoch under any circumstance. We wouldn't, either.

“The Epoch did things I hadn’t heard any cartridge do, especially in terms of how smoothly and quietly it tracked the groove, its remarkable freedom from mechanical artifacts, and a harmonic and textural richness laid on without too thick a coating of aural honey.”
—Michael Fremer, Stereophile

"I found myself replaying a side of an LP just to make sure I was not hallucinating. The Epoch presents the best of the best of neutral, and I like its version of neutrality and authentic believability mightily well."
—Robert Levi, Positive Feedback

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