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Mobile Fidelity - UltraGold MC Phono Cartridge

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Mobile Fidelity - UltraGold MC Phono Cartridge AMFEPCUG

Mobile Fidelity - UltraGold MC Phono Cartridge

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The Gold Standard of Moving-Coil Cartridges: Japan-Made Mobile Fidelity Electronics UltraGold MC Plays LPs with True-to-the-Source Faithfulness and Naturalism, Features Nude Shibata Stylus, Voicing by Allen Perkins, and Threaded Holes for Easy Mounting

Avid perfectionists in everything it makes, Mobile Fidelity Electronics waited a few years before it complemented its existing moving-magnet cartridges with a moving-coil counterpart. With the debut of the UltraGold MC, suffice it to say that the delay was worth it. Crafted in Japan using strict quality-control measures for precision manufacturing, and uniquely voiced by Spiral Groove founder Allen Perkins, UltraGold MC offers analog lovers everything they would expect — and more — from an audiophile moving-coil cartridge. Namely, exceptionally wide frequency response, clear high-frequency transients, stunning dynamics, tonal richness, and incredible detail. As a MoFi product true to the company's core principles, UltraGold MC goes further by providing true-to-the-source faithfulness, lifelike separation, and clean tracking. When an UltraGold MC probes the delicate grooves of your vinyl LPs, you will be transported to the musical event and feel the emotions directly connected to the albums and the artists that made them.

Of course, attaining such heightened sonic prowess doesn't come easy or by cutting corners. UltraGold MC's nude Shibata stylus and boron cantilever help account for the palpable low-end reproduction, high transient responsiveness, and robust midrange while the Shibata profile diamond conveys hear-it-to-believe-it depth, immersion, and fullness. In addition, a neodymium magnet and permendur yoke deliver loads of magnetic energy. Topping off the mechanical hit list is a purpose-designed hybrid aluminum extrusion and brass housing, also designed by Mr. Perkins. It effectively minimizes unwanted vibration and lets listeners enjoy music marked by tremendous openness, transparency, and purity. In every sense, UltraGold MC personifies naturalism and musicality, and exists to play back Mobile Fidelity Original Master Recordings in all their glory.

As a bonus, it's a breeze to set up in virtually any system. The threaded cartridge body permits the user to mount UltraGold MC on a headshell or integral tonearm with just two screws — no bolts or nuts needed. Developed with the same philosophy that has produced more than 40 years' worth of world-famous Mobile Fidelity reissues, UltraGold MC is the gold standard of moving-coil cartridges in its class.

"Whatever adjectives the entire canon of hi-fi begs to use, one stands proud for the UltraGold and that is 'fluid.' It's not just the smooth conveying of liquidity in The Beach Boys album. It's the consistency in the dynamic swings from soft to loud and back, the wholeness of the soundstage, the nature of the air around the instruments.... This is a hyper-modern take on classic [moving-coil cartridges], retaining the virtues of warmth and air, but with trackability that had me looking for a 'V15' designation somewhere."
—Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News

"This is a well-sorted MC that tracks like a trooper."
—Paul Miller, Hi-Fi News, Lab Report

  • Nude Shibata stylus and boron cantilever
  • Neodymium magnet and permendur yoke
  • Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting (PCOCC) coils
  • Aluminum cartridge body with threaded inserts
  • Precision-crafted in Japan
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HiFi Choice (PDF, 2.8 MB)

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Type: Dual Moving Coil Stereo
Stylus: Shibata
Output Voltage: 0.4mV
Frequency Response: 20-35,000Hz
Weight: 7.3g
Tracking Force: 1.8-2.2g
Recommended Load: ≥ 100 Ohm
   Static compliance: 40 x 10e-6/dyne
   Dynamic compliance: 10 x 10e-6/dyne

User Manual (PDF, 226 KB)

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