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SOUNDSMITH - VPI Legend Phono Cartridge **REBUILD**

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A two-year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects on Soundsmith rebuilt cartridges comes standard with all models. As does peace of mind given that Soundsmith founder Peter Ledermann has been designing his own cartridges and rebuilding cartridges of all brands for more than 45 years. Widely considered a world-class expert in the field, he should not be confused with newcomers or tinkerers who believe they suddenly developed delicate surgical skills and insight into cartridge design and repair as it relates to rebuild performance.

Built specifically for VPI founder Harry Weisfeld per his precise parameters by Soundsmith designer Peter Lederman, the Soundsmith VPI Legend moving-iron phono cartridge – a high-performance variant of the glorious Soundsmith Paua cartridge – is designed to mate perfectly with any JMW tonearm. Each facet of VPI Legend touts high-end uniqueness, from the hand-selected stylus to the vibration-damped body. Plus, the suspension is further tuned to be used on a VPI uni-pivot tonearm. Every aspect of VPI Legend is optimized to provide a thoroughly outstanding listening experience on your VPI turntable. It's made to last and comes with the generous Soundsmith cartridge rebuild program. Only 10 of these cartridges were ever built, and only two remain. Get yours today!

Advantages of Soundsmith Moving-Iron Cartridges
Enjoy the best of both worlds: Soundsmith’s moving-iron cartridges encompass the advantages of moving-coil and moving-magnet designs while simultaneously lessening or eliminating the respective approaches’ deficiencies. Boasting extraordinary tracking abilities that let them effortlessly sail through complex musical passages, a warm and detailed character, exceptional transient response, and a full sound that completes entire notes and finishes instrumental structures, Soundsmith models exude natural musicality and high-end design. Built here in the U.S., and outfitted with either aluminum or ruby cantilevers, we guarantee you’ll love your new Soundsmith the moment it hits your favorite record’s grooves.

Soundsmith Cartridge Rebuild Program Saves You Money, Protects Your Investment
Phono cartridges aren’t cheap. Wouldn’t it be great if, once they wore out, you could simply rebuild a cartridge—just like the way nice dress shoes can be re-soled and reconditioned? With Soundsmith, that’s exactly what happens. Soundsmith rebuilds all its cartridges for 20% or less of the model’s original price. Plus, most cartridges can be rebuilt multiple times. Not only does this save you money, it reduces your “cost-per-play,” lets you rest assured that your high-end investment is always protected, and puts costlier, higher-performance Soundsmith models within immediate reach. After all, since you only need to spend the money for a new model once every blue moon, why not make it really count? Your music will thank you for it. And Soundsmith always has your back.

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