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GRADO LABS Grado - Reference Master 2 Cartridge

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Grado Reference Master2 MC Phono Cartridge

Redesigned and Re-Engineered from the Inside-Out: Grado Reference Master2 MC Phono Cartridge Features Upgraded Dynamic Range, Enhanced Stability, and Precision Imaging

Grado has given its Reference Master2 MC phono cartridge its biggest makeover in 20 years, a massive performance-increasing overhaul that explains the "2" designation and which covers every single last detail of this excellent tracker. A redesigned wood chassis optimizes mass distribution for better stability and finer imaging. Re-engineered coils and rare-earth magnets provide upgraded output and enhanced dynamic range. You'll also benefit from deeper low-level information and clearer transparency. Reference Master2 MC even boasts an improved stylus-generator ring for even lower moving mass. The moment Reference Master2 MC hits your records' grooves, prepare for wondrous definition, rich midrange response, superb speed, and luscious detail. Anchored by a custom-made nude elliptical diamond, boron cantilever, and ultra-high-purity long-crystal (UHPLC) oxygen-free copper wire, the individually calibrated Reference Master2 MC brings you closer to your music.

Hand-Crafted for Immersive Performance
Reference Master2 is hand-crafted at Grado Labs from Australian Jarrah wood, which is intricately cured between production steps to achieve optimal sonic quality. Reference Master2's generator/stylus module is not replaceable, allowing for a redesigned one-piece magnetic circuit and a reduction of chassis resonances. Designed for high-grade analog gear and able to provide immersive performances, Reference Series2 has a recommended tracking force of 1.5 to 1.9 grams. Output measures at 5mV.

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Output: 4.8mV @ 5 cmV (45)
Controlled Frequency Response: 10-60 kHz
Channel Separation: Average 40 dB - 10-30 kHz
Load: 47,000 Ohms
Inductance: 40 mh
Resistance: 600 Ohms
Non Sensitive To Capacitive Load
Chassis Mass: 10g
Tracking Force: 1.5g - 1.9g

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