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GRADO LABS Grado - Statement Sonata 2 Cartridge***

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Grado Statement Sonata2 MC Phono Cartridge

Hear the Benefits of a Total Upgrade: Improved Wood Chassis, Coils, Magnets, and Cantilever Anchor the Sonically Astute Grado Statement Sonata2 MC Phono Cartridge

There's good reason why Grado waited two decades before updating its acclaimed Sonata MC phono cartridge to Statement Sonata2 status. Namely, the front-to-back enhancements and changes to this stunning tracker are so vast, they required meticulous preparation and years of research. But the wait is totally worth it. The 1.0mV-output Statement Sonata2 feels and sounds like an entirely new component when compared to its predecessor. Its redesigned wood chassis optimizes mass distribution for increased stability and more precise imaging. Re-engineered coils and rare-earth magnets provide better output and greater dynamic range. You'll also benefit from finer low-level information and improved clarity. Statement Sonata2 MC also boasts an improved stylus-generator ring for even lower moving mass, while four-piece OTL cantilever technology achieves a ten-percent tip-mass reduction over the Prestige Series. Ultra-high-purity long-crystal (UHPLC) oxygen-free copper wire in the coils and a nude elliptical diamond stylus complete this high-end analog jewel.

Meticulously Cured, Hand-Made in Brooklyn, and Ready for Prime Performance
Statement Sonata2 is hand-crafted at Grado Labs from Australian Jarrah wood, which is intricately cured between production steps to achieve optimal sonic quality. Statement Sonata2's generator/stylus module is not replaceable, allowing for a redesigned one-piece magnetic circuit and a reduction of chassis resonances. Designed for high-end analog gear and able to provide engaging performances, Statement Sonata2 has a recommended tracking force of .75 to 2.0 grams. Output measures at 1.0mV.

Output: 1.0mV @ .5 cmV (45)
Controlled Frequency Response: 15-55 kHz
Channel Separation: Average 40 dB - 10-30 kHz
Load: 47,000 Ohms
Inductance: 30 mh
Resistance: 600 Ohms
Non Sensitive To Capacitive Load
Chassis Mass: 10g
Tracking Force: 1.5g - 1.9g

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