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LYRA - Skala Phono Cartridge

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Reference-Level Lyra Skala MC Phono Cartridge Boasts Incredible Naturalness, Tonality, Harmonics, and Tracking Ability: You Will Hear Details and Information on Your LPs You Don't Know Exist

Lyra designer Jonathan Carr is like you. When it comes to listening to music, he refuses to settle. Skala, the first of Lyra's fifth-generation designs, justifies his tireless pursuit of analog glory. The cartridge possesses tremendous dynamics, phenomenal detail retrieval, unyielding bass response, airy high-frequencies, and prized midrange performance. Voiced to resemble the naturalism, harmonics, and tonality embodied by the costlier Lyra Titan, Skala far surpasses similarly priced models by providing color, depth, and texture you likely don't realize exist within the grooves of your LPs. Skala boasts a tube-like warmth and harsh-free musicality missing even from most reference-level cartridges. And Lyra realizes that what you don't hear is just as important as what you do. Amazingly quiet and painstakingly balanced, it is as close to dead-silent as a cartridge can be. Like all Lyra models, its tracking abilities are superb.

Improving Upon Classic Designs, Incorporating 21st Century Know-How
When you listen to music, you crave the warmth, detail, immersion, and involvement provided by LPs and turntables. And you're not alone. Interest in vinyl playback continues to escalate. One reason is simple: For, as advanced as today's digital technology seems, sometimes you cannot improve on a classic method. Then again, sometimes you can. Alone in its approach to cartridge design, Lyra gives music listeners the best of both tradition and modernity. Sculpted from a unique multi-section structure that combines dense, rigid vertical metal vertebrae with a lightweight horizontal base that tensions the former against the tonearm headshell, Skala enjoys exceptional control over micro-sized vibrations picked up by the stylus. While conventional MC designs are susceptible to myriad distortions and interference, Skala's performance-first design means you will hear more music from your albums.

Huge Dynamic Capabilities, Richly Engaging Sound the Result of Exact Science
Analog is an exact science. Lyra recognizes this. Skala comes equipped with multiple advancements to ensure you get repeat richly engaging encounters with your beloved artists. You will hear deeper into your recordings. How? Since the amount of conductive metal in the cartridge is drastically reduced, magnetic currents that negatively impact detail retrieval are removed. The cantilever is also mounted to the most rigid area, allowing Skala to zone in on huge dynamic swings while simultaneously preserving finite detail. The small size of the contact area increases the energy-transfer efficiency.  

"In terms of tone and, especially, texture and harmonics, the Skala has more in common with the Titan i than with the Helikon—and it's better than the Helikon in every way, particularly in the midrange, where it fully fleshes out richness and color that the Helikon only suggests. Like other Lyras I've reviewed, the Skala is an outstanding tracker, and its generous 0.5mV output will drive almost all low-output MC phono preamplifiers with ease."
— Michael Fremer, Stereophile

  • 5th Gen design using polymer base and metal vertebrae construction
  • Direct Cantilever mounting
  • Direct-Flux, dual disk magnet system.
  • Protective, transparent cover
Type: Moving Coil, low-impedance, low-output, medium compliance
Output voltage using CBS STR-100 standard @5.0cm/sec: 0.5mV
Frequency response: 10Hz - 50kHz
Channel separation @ 1kHz: >35dB
Diamond stylus: 3 x 70μm Ogura PA line contact
Magnet(s): Dual disk neodymium
Square bobbin: 5N iron core & 6N copper coils
Cantilever: Solid boron circular rod
Recommended tracking force: 1.65 - 1.75 grams
Dynamic compliance @100 Hz: 12 x 10-6 cm/dyn
Internal impedance: 5.5 ohms
Recommended load impedance Preamp direct: 100 ohms - 47 k ohms
Via MC transformer: < 10 ohms
Weight: 9g

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