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SOUNDSMITH - Nautilus Meidum Output Moving Iron Phono Cartridge

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Soundsmith Nautilus Moving Iron Phono Cartridge

Wondrous Detail Retrieval, Sought-After Warmth, Tasteful Lushness: Hand-Made Soundsmith Nautilus Moving-Iron Phono Cartridge Looks as Good as It Sounds

Strong Aluminum Cantilever, Selectable CL Stylus, Medium-Output Design: Soundsmith Nautilus Moving-Iron Phono Cartridge Is Sister Cartridge of Soundsmith Paua

Designed for fixed-gain preamplifiers, the medium-output Soundsmith Nautilus moving-iron phono cartridge delivers involving sound marked by phenomenal detail, desirable warmth, and appealingly tasteful lushness. Hand-made to order in the U.S.A. by Soundsmith lead designer Peter Ledermann, and adorned with a strong aluminum cantilever and selectable CL stylus, Nautilus is free of harshness and over-analytical properties. Its ultra-low moving mass, superb rigidity, excellent stability, and noise-canceling properties extend Soundsmith's tradition of high-end analog greatness. As the sister cartridge to the acclaimed Soundsmith Paua, Nautilus features a real seashell design and sublime transient response. You and your records will be in analog seventh heaven: Soundsmith Nautilus sounds as colorful, vibrant, and natural as it looks!

“Nautilus should be considered a bargain since it can just about compete with its more superior stablemate (Mezzo) and at the same time offers traits of its own that might make it preferable for some listeners. …I highly recommend both.”
—Tom Lyle, Enjoy the Music, March 2015

Medium-Output Nautilus Mates With Medium-to-High-Mass Arms
Soundsmith's medium-output range of cartridges addresses the needs of "fixed gain" preamplifiers that require a 1.1mV output design—or, preamp designs that avoid the use of a step-up transformer. Nautilus needs a 1500-ohm to 47k-Ohm load and 48-54dB of gain. It is a low-compliance design and works marvelously on almost all medium-to-high-mass arms. A sister cartridge to Soundsmith Paua, Nautilus boasts some of the most important developments in cartridge research and design of the past 40 years.

Eliminates Unwanted Energy, Improves Analog Performance
Soundsmith founder Peter Ledermann tirelessly worked to develop means to reduce the internal moving mass of Nautilus by an awe-inspiring factor of six times less than any moving-coil design. He then found internal methods of correctly getting the "stored energy" (inertia) moved through the cartridge body, allowing the tonearm to damp out unwanted reflected energy that would otherwise go back down the cantilever and cause stylus jitter.

Analog Safety Net: Nautilus Can Be Rebuilt at Fraction of Original Cost
Nautilus benefits from infallible customer support and a wonderful safety net. Soundsmith is the only high-end cartridge company that rebuilds its own products at a fraction of the original price—no matter what the issue. Equally important, moving-iron cartridges can always be rebuilt, unlike MC designs sometimes damaged beyond possible repair.

Best of Both Worlds: Soundsmith Moving-Iron Cartridges
Enjoy the best of both worlds: Soundsmith's moving-iron cartridges encompass the advantages of moving-coil and moving-magnet designs while simultaneously lessening or eliminating the respective approaches' deficiencies. Boasting extraordinary tracking abilities that let them effortlessly sail through complex musical passages, a warm and detailed character, exceptional transient response, and a full sound that completes entire notes and finishes instrumental structures, Soundsmith models exude natural musicality and high-end design. Built here in the U.S., and outfitted with either aluminum or ruby cantilevers, we guarantee you'll love your new Soundsmith the moment it hits your favorite records' grooves.

Now available from Soundsmith Designer Peter Ledermann's DirectGrace Records, Recordings to Rescue Children: Elio Villafranca's Flower By the Dry River.

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